I was faced with a lot of options

Overall, I am very happy with my current job. I work reasonable shifts, get paid really well, and have fantastic benefits. I enjoy working with my coworkers, and am fortunate to have my own office with a fantastic view, a comfortable chair, and even my own private bathroom. My only complaint may be the temperature of the building. Although a thermostat can be found in my office, I do not have the capability to make any changes to the settings. The temperature in is monitored and adjusted by a remote location. No one inside the building has access to the HVAC settings. The building becomes icy cold during the summer months. Even though the temperature outside is hot, I spend the day bundled up in heavy sweaters, shivering. I wish that I could open my windows and let a fresh, warm breeze. On my lunch break, I often take walks outside to warm up. It feels wonderful to be outdoors, soaking up a bit of sunshine. However, I hate stepping back inside the freezing cold building with that air conditioner blasting at maximum capacity right over top of me. I’ve tried moving my table to different locations within my own office, trying to escape the HVAC vents. It doesn’t matter where my chair ends up, there isn’t an escape. The fall season presents a welcome change, because I am able to enjoy a day or two before the building’s heating system kicks on. At that point, I shift from shivering to sweating. During January, when it’s snowing outside, I strip down to summer attire at work.

We have a lot of maintenance to do

Not long ago, I had a huge problem with excess humidity in my house. Every room felt terribly damp and sticky. It was very difficult to sleep at night, and the air conditioner seemed to be running all of the time. I kept lowering the thermostat a few degrees here and there, and even though it was eventually freezing cold, I couldn’t reduce any of the moisture. My electric bills were outrageously high and I worried that I was wearing the cooling system out. I noticed condensation running all the way down the windows and mold growing from the sills. Nearly every week, I was washing the bathroom walls with bleach to counteract the mildew growth. I tried a small dehumidifier, but it couldn’t match the demand and I was constantly dumping out water. I finally consulted with my HVAC contractor about installing a whole-home dehumidifier. I imagined it costing me a lot of money, being noisy, and requiring a great deal of maintenance. I was pleasantly surprised that the dehumidifier was quite reasonable, and installed onto the air handler of my existing HVAC system. I don’t see or hear my dehumidifier like I thought I would, and I rarely provide any kind of maintenance to keep it running optimally. It allows me to customize the moisture levels in my house, maintaining relative humidity inside the ideal range. I no longer have to worry about mold, and I have had raised the thermostat settings back to the preferred temperature. The savings I’ve noticed on my electric bill have definitely recovered the price of the dehumidifier. By reducing the workload on the air conditioner, I am hoping it’s going to last longer.

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I had a lot of fun tonight

I always wanted to possess a hot tub, so when the opportunity arose we one installed out in much of our sunroom. My husband and I made sure to set up flooring that was waterproof even invest a separate shower for guests to rinse off before and after while using the tub. This was truly a powerful way to relax at the end on the long day or just to sipping wine with friends. About a year after it’s installed I began to notice some difficulty with my curtains and paint on the walls. It appeared that the constant humidity from the hot tub and steam was causing an issue and mold was actually starting to grow! We did have fans in the room to circulate the environment but that wasn’t enough to deter the issue so I contacted a HVAC dealer to install a air conditioning or dehumidifier in this space. During the summer time we would often leave the windows open and therefore gave us enough ventilation but even as use the hot tub mainly during winter, there was no way to do that. The dealer stop by and showed us different options available with the one that made the most sense was simply to install a ductless system which has a dehumidifier. It would be completely standalone from our other heating and cooling system and only cover the room which was just fine with us. Now I can enjoy my hot tub up to I want without worrying it’s causing damage to the room itself.

I’m very comfortable

I bought my first house all on my own and I was very proud that I could afford it. I was only in my early twenties right at that moment and most of my friends could barely pay rent or a mortgage, but I’d worked hard in high school to put money into savings and it had paid. Now, some 15 years later, I am getting ready to sell my house and I must ensure that everything is ready before I use it the market. I had each all of the major stuff checked like, the roof, windows, foundation, things this way, but when it came to my HVAC system, I ran into a problem. I never put much thought into my heating in addition to air conditioning unit and had did not have annual maintenance inspections done for several years. I guess my life is busy and I felt that as long as when I turned it into it worked, there wasn’t a difficulty. I had called my local HVAC company to experience them send out a HVAC technician to search it over assuming that everything would be fine. After a thorough inspection he came as many as me with some very negative news and I knew it was going to cost me tons. The system was only earning a living at about 60% efficiency along with needed some serious attention and also the ductwork needed to be cleansed. Even with everything that they had the ability to do it would only better it’s in efficiency by around 15 to 20% and I have to disclose that on my dealers agreement. With this information, I talked to my realtor and decided whether I would sell the house at reduced price to compensate for the HVAC system or replace it. Either way, I will be spending a lot of money.

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My sleep schedule is back on track

All my life, I’ve never been much of a logician and I know that this is probably my main shortcoming. In the spur in the moment, my decision making skills are not there at all. If I am given time for them to solve a problem though, I can usually construct as good a solution for almost anything. It just takes time and that is certainly not always something one has. In any case, I have noticed a few things that seem to erase my clumsy reasoning. For me, if I get a good night’s sleep, it’s usually easier for me to accommodate life and the things it throws at me. I feel like that is true for anyone though. Another helpful thing is having air conditioning. Whether I am at home or on trips, making sense of things is usually easier with climate control. The moment it gets super hot and humid outside, I shut down. I recall the HVAC system at my parents’ house when I was growing up, was not the top. The air conditioner would regularly are amiss and then I have to just sit there and sweat the whole time. Maybe the possible lack of climate control then, caused a impaired reasoning. Whatever the purpose, I know that when an efficient A/C unit is running, all the gears in my brain usually are turning. So, I try to take my days in places along with HVAC systems. Usually malls and restaurants are great and have really fantastic air conditioning units. Luckily I work in I. Capital t. so I do not be required to worry about having my brain impaired by poor air quality practical.

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I follow all of the rules

I spent their childhood years in the most harsh with harsh climate zones. I will spare you the details as to what the latitude/longitude coordinates of my hometown were, but I must say there’s no colder, more windy place known in the entire universe. Everyday starts out so cold that no human has the ability to go outside without having to sport a full body-suit, face mask, and scopes. Even then, the wind cuts through and you are reduced to a shivering mess within minutes. This is also the one place in the universe where there is real dragons still living, though I will spare you those details also. I no longer live there lately. When my air conditioner hums sweetly on the hot summer days, I always think back in that awful place. Furnaces have been all I knew growing upwards. It wasn’t until I was fifteen years old, that I first heard reference to climate control systems that are generally intended to cool the air. As far as I has been concerned, “HVAC system” meant this also thing as “heater”. As it turns out, some places require A/C! Thank the heavens! I really couldn’t believe that there were actually places where you didn’t require a heater or fireplace to be cooking away constantly. The elders in the community thought that it climate control knowledge should be kept secret until people was no longer a young child. When the phrase “air conditioner” was whispered to me on my fifteenth birthday, I knew immediately that this climate control needed to be in my life.

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Why are you so angry sir?

Recently, work has been nothing but a pain in my neck and I’m at the point where I’m considering just throwing in the towel. I became an HVAC technician a few years ago and got my first job being an apprentice. Typically, I fix and mount gas furnaces for customers and sometimes work on forced air HVAC systems. I was actually excited when I graduated from my program. I really wanted to be an HVAC technician, but now I’m having second thoughts. The problem is that my boss is a tyrant to put it nicely. He makes me work up to 16 hour days without any overtime pay. He also loves to stick me with the filthiest and hardest tasks during much of our furnace installations. Any fun stuff I thought I’d be doing has gone out the window. The guy won’t even let me talk to clients. I rarely get a break in the daytime and only 30 minutes for lunch. Meanwhile, he’s on his phone the entire day either texting his friends or playing games. He even takes one hour lunches. That is, he does if he hasn’t already cut out early with another lousy excuse. The worst part is, I can’t protest any of it because he’ll scream at me and threaten replace me with someone else. This is not what I had in mind for my initial job. I know I’m not exactly high on the HVAC totem poll, but this has gotten ridiculous. In a perfect world, I would start my own heating and air conditioning repair company, but I need more experience before I do. I know it’s better to just put up with him for another year and learn, but I am miserable. I don’t know the direction to go.

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I think I might put my home for sale

I got myself a house last year on the outskirts of town about 30 minutes or so from work. It was a foreclosure but it really wasn’t too beat up. Sure, I had to fix a portion of the plumbing and repair a few kitchen tiles but overall I got considerably good price on the place and was very excited to move in there. One thing that the house didn’t have was a heating and air conditioning system. I didn’t think much of it because almost all year long, the weather is nearly perfect and I don’t even need to use the air conditioner or the heat. In the summer time, I plug in my typical window unit and I’m sit. In the winter, I just use a small to medium sized electric space heater. However, I just found out the company I just moved closer to wants to transfer me out of the country for at least two years, so now I have to sell my house and it’s been no easy task. I have had a lot of interest so far, but as soon as people know that it doesn’t have a good central heating and air conditioning system they back out. Even if I offer to drop the buying price a few thousand dollars, they still aren’t interested in the house without an air conditioner. I don’t understand why it’s such an issue. They can easily get a new HVAC system installed if they move in. I don’t want to buy an HVAC unit for this house in order to sell it. I would definitely lose a heap of money. Hopefully, someone will buy it soon. I have to move in three months.

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High quality A/C system

I’m in college, so naturally, I don’t have a lot of extra money. I attend school in a snowy, cold place. Sadly, the only way to stay warm in my apartment is with an electric heater. I had no idea how expensive it would be to keep it running enough to keep me comfortable until my first energy bill came. Can you believe it was more than $250! My jaw almost hit the floor when I read it. I can hardly scrape up enough money to eat, so how was I supposed to find extra cash for that!? I had to put it on a credit card, but there were at least 2 months of winter left and I needed to think of a way to keep warm. Then the answer came to me, I realized I might as well get my money’s worth out of my tuition. I threw some clothes in a bag and jogged over to the heat of the University library. Day and night, twenty-four hours, seven days a week their furnace is always on full blast. While I’m not going to be sleeping there, if I spend most of my day there, it’s sure to minimize my bills this month. Plus, it already has everything I could possibly need. There’s internet, chair, sofas, and of course, more books than I could ever want. There’s even a small cafe that serves really cheap java and sandwiches. The heater inside the library is the perfect answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the people in the library right at this moment were here simply to use the library heating system. When I graduate and get to live in my own house, there’s no way my heater is ever going to run on electricity.

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This was a total disaster

I’m not the type to go out on the fourth of July. I have three dogs and a cat that lose their minds when they hear fireworks and if I leave them alone they’ll destroy the house. To make matters worse, the neighborhood kids light the super loud fireworks all day long, so you can imagine how stressful this is for my pets. This year, I made sure they had everything they needed to stay occupied. I bought them some new toys along with their favorite snacks and hoped for the best. However, when I woke up to a broken air conditioning system I knew a couple doggy distractions weren’t going to be enough. It was a hot day and it was only getting hotter. I could tell my dogs were already in agony because of the loud fireworks and now they were sweltering without any central air conditioning. I called an HVAC technician, but he was going to charge me triple because of the holiday. I called a few more local HVAC companies, but naturally, they were all closed because of the fourth and said I have to wait a few days for someone to come by. I didn’t know what to do, but I was sure it was going as being a long day with no air conditioning system. Then it hit me. I packed a bag, rushed the dogs and cat into my car and drove up to my parent’s house. The drive seemed like it took forever, but I would have done almost anything to feel cool again. When we showed up, it took my dogs less than 30 seconds to run straight inside and curl up beside their air conditioning vents. I would have done the exact same if they had left me any room.