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Last summer, I took a part-time job waitressing at a local beach club.  I had heard that I could make quite a bit of cash in tips.  The beach club had both an indoor and outdoor bar and kitchen.  I would correctly have tables both inside and outside.  This made it tough to decide how to dress for work.  On the outside patio, I was completely exposed to the weather.  Despite the proximity to the ocean, the heat and humidity was really brutal.  The hour I stepped outside, I would start to sweat.  Although the customers sat beneath large umbrellas, there was no shade available for the servers.  Inside the club, the thermostat was set severely low.  The air conditioning system needed to compensate for the fact that the exterior doors were consistently being opened and allowing in overheated air.  The air conditioning system was an enormous rooftop unit, and there were supply vents situated all over the club.  The cooling plan ran non stop, pumping out freezing cold air, and there was no escaping it.  Whenever I was running around, waiting on our tables inside, I couldn’t stop shivering.  The frequent switch from the air conditioned interior to the humid outside air was absolutely unpleasant.  The rest of the servers and I finally recommended to the supervisor that both of us should either toil our shift really inside or really outside.  Some servers could strictly toil the outdoor patio, and dress in shorts with plenty of sunblock.  Some servers would remain inside, and could bundle up in a overcoat to combat the air conditioner.

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A/C?? No way!

When I went to visit my aunt in the Pacific Northwest, I was actually shocked to find out that she didn’t have an a/c in her home. I had always lived in the southeast, where HVAC systems are standard and a must! She laughed when she saw my immediate reaction. “It hardly gets hot enough here to need an air conditioner,” she said. I don’t suppose why I had never considered this about different regions of the country where the hot plus cold temperatures remain mild year-round There was certainly no sense in paying to have an HVAC plan installed in a home. I mean, why run the cooling system when opening a window plus turning on a ceiling fan would be enough to keep the beach house cool and content? I imagine she has a actually low utility bill, plus that would be a major draw to living in that area of the country. I enjoyed my trip so much that I am considering moving there, but my only holdup would be that I am actually used to running my a/c at night while I am sleeping. Having the cool air blasting through the air vents is something that allows me to get to sleep plus fully relax. Maybe I could just buy a portable a/c to use during the night time if I were to transfer out there. Since, the Pacific Northwest is charming, plus I can certainly see myself living there. I’m cheerful that I visited before hand, though so I suppose now I know what to expect if I do end up going there. To arrive to a region separate from realizing that I would have to live separate from a cooling plan would be a major shock.

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These people are not smart

There are a series of books written particularly for people like me, but they are called dummies books, in addition to they take complex complications in addition to boil them down to their essential points for people who don’t appreciate reading or have short attention spans. This has a been a problem for me my whole life, so having books that break everything down into step by step lists is just so helpful to me. This is how I learned how to change my oil, do my taxes, in addition to write term papers for school. However, i wish they made them for everything! A few weeks ago, I had a problem in my apartment, in addition to the A/C unit stopped working. I found at the Borders they had a book about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems upkeep in addition to repair, so I evaluated it out in addition to started reading. I wondered why they didn’t make a book about Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, however they actually discussed that in the book I had; Apparently, the complexities of Heating plus Air Conditioning units take a long time to learn in addition to master, which is why Heating plus Air Conditioning repair workers have to take classes in addition to become certified. There wasn’t a way to boil down so much knowledge into 1 book, so instead they just presented the basics on how to care for your AC in addition to your furnace, then of course, that was not legitimately helpful to me at the time, because my A/C was no longer working. But, I still read the book, so that in the future I could keep the central A/C system from breaking down on me again.

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It is so cold

Running a hair salon is extreme business, i started out working in a barbershop when I was a teenager. That was 1 thing, pretty easy stuff, but when I got hired on to the salon everything changes. But, at the barbershop, boys would just come in, get a little trim off the back, or maybe a shave, sometimes they would just rest around & talk. It was all really low key. The salon has really demanding clients who want to look their very best, & also a really identifiable  staff that demand certain working conditions.But, I know you got to spend money to make money, because I just had to spend sizable money to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan for the building, at the insistence of clients & staff both. Every one of us are a tied up location, & the constant opening of the front door makes for an inconsistent temperature control environment. All the extra humidity coming in from outside badly disfigured our indoor air quality, & the extra moisture makes it harder to style hair. So, while I was spending the money for a better central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system, I also invested in a set of double doors, 1 inside the other, to keep the air quality consistent. There is still a battle over the control unit, with everyone wanting a personal perfect temperature, but you can’t make everyone cheerful. The upgrades to the air filters have resulted in higher air quality, which in turn makes for a healthier labor environment & better hair. I guess this current air conditioning plan will end up paying off for us.

I’m done with this heater

I have been taught very valuable lessons since living in my house for so long. Concerning learned a lot throughout the years and will begin to learn as I grow old. Plenty of these lessons were taught eventually as I was faced a many issues that homeowners usually face. Luckily, I can use these lessons to raised myself and maintain a nutritious household. One of the best lessons I think that I learned was when a blizzard hit our area the ear I moved into my house. I barely knew how to jog the heating system and failed to even check it prior to before turning it on. Ever since I moved in, I figured everything would be all set to run- including my air conditioner. What I had failed to perform was get the HVAC system cleaned and serviced before running it. The furnace pushed a ton of dust and dirt through my HVAC air vents for days following on from the blizzard hit, causing everyone to be able to catch colds. I learned that the furnace has to be cleaned annually before and after being used for a season. It does not take long for an HVAC professional to inspect my heating system to ensure it’s safe to be used. Now, I schedule regular furnace cleanings and tune-ups annually to ensure it will operate efficiently and clean. Every homeowner should schedule regular HVAC cleanings in the spring to ensure their furnace is ready for any weather change.

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I could never relax

My spouse and I live in a really small home, which is the perfect size for the two of us right now. However, we will eventually must move into a bigger your home. Our home is very simple to maintain and we have a great utility plan that allows us to save a lot on monthly utility bills. This is really wonderful because it permits us to put aside a little more money monthly for our dream home. The only thing that really keeps us from saving money is during the fall. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I will usually turn up the furnace even more during fall season in comparison winter. I find that the transition from summer into fall is colder than fall into winter weather. The cooler, damp weather makes me crave the heat more than anything. It really doesn’t matter the amount of layers I wear, I am consistently arriving the thermostat to increase heat. My husband is always complaining about the heat because my usage is increasing the monthly energy bills. My goal is to be a setback in this savings. But, I do not really care what he says, I would like to be comfortable in my own house, regardless of how early I turn the heat on. The furnace is always ready to be used by the end of September, so I will freely turn up the HVAC thermostat after I feel the chill in the fall. Maybe in our new home we will have a more efficient heating system which won’t cost us anything extra to run the heat when autumn arrives.

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Friends and their move

A Month back, our neighbors Jon and Katie, moved up north. The move was somewhat unexpected. Jon and Katie have always loved the city that we live in, and we talked often about our youngsters attending the same schools, and playing on the identical sports teams. Unfortunately, that was don’t be. Jon’s job transferred him to somewhat of a new office, and he just couldn’t turn down the opportunity. We have definitely missed him or her in the short time they have been gone! We speak often, most of the time frame trading weather updates. Where you live, it has been toasty and balmy. We have not used our air conditioner and heating at all! One day, we used some of our electric fireplace, but that was more with the ambiance than the climate restrain! Most days, the weather is actually perfect, not too hot, rather than too cold. Up north, the place Jon and Katie are, there are snowed several times already! They have had to sit in the severe cold. Thankfully, their apartment is equipped with excellent climate control, and they’ve been using it daily! They have central heating in addition to a real, wood-burning fireplace! They can provide heated flooring in their kitchen and bathrooms, all of which have tile flooring. We are likely to go visit them soon, but we will definitely buy real winter clothes if we are going to do anything other than sit in the house while you’re watching fireplace!

I feel safe now

The two of us wanted to open up a lesson shop downtown. The two of us has been studying different types of brass instruments for our whole lives. the two of us wanted to open up a lesson shop downtown the two of us has been studying different types of brass instruments for our whole lives. The two of us had many different types of instruments that we could teach, so the two of us decided that it might be a good idea to open up our very own learning annex in the city. When the two of us had our grand opening, the two of us realized how very busy our shop was going to be. The two of us knew that meant that we were going to need for the property and building. Since the two of us had thousands of dollars worth of antique merchandise in the store, it seemed appropriate to make sure that our video surveillance plan could keep our building secure in the event of an emergency. It happened to be extremely great additionally, because our insurance carrier gave us a break on the rates because we had a building automatic security system. If anything seem to happen, there would be Visual Evidence from our security system. All of the windows and doors are alarmed into this video surveillance system, but there are also trigger alarms that go off on motion movement. The two of us shows a fine video surveillance system for our building, and this security plan is going to make sure that our belongings are always safe.

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Can you smell radon?

My neighbor Darlene was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a shock because she does not smoke.  Darlene is a also health nut! We all handles difficulties differently. My way is to research and try and understand the problem better. I wanted to know what caused her cancer. So I researched lung cancer and what things can cause it. That is how I first heard of radon. Radon is a natural forming and cancer causing gas. The gas is the result of  decaying uranium. Any types of home is at risk of radon issues. Brand new or old, well insulated or drafty, single story or multiple levels can have radon issues. Even though radon originates in the soil or rock, it infiltrates both air and water.  It is typically found concentrated in the lowest level in the house. But you can have dangerous radon levels with no basement. Most people don’t think that they need to be worried about radon.  The gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless. The majority of homes do not have  radon detectors. I checked Darlene’s house for  a detector but saw no indication of one. I also read online that a main cause of lung cancer is radon. I wonder if that is what led to Darlene’s illness.   I want to ask for further information, but that is such a sensitive topic, I hate to bring up. Also what if she has already tested for radon?  I think I should warn her about the dangers.  Other members of her family could be getting exposed to radon.

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Radon can be dangerous

My friend Amy was diagnosed with lung cancer six months ago. It was a shock.  No one expected such a thing.  Amy does not smoke.  She is really into fitness and cares about her  health. To deal with the news, I researched and hoped to understand the situation better. I did have a clue  what could have caused Amy’s cancer, and it scared me. I researched all about cancer.  I realized that a whole bunch of things  have been linked to cancer. I eventually stumbled upon radon gas. Radon is prevalent throughout the United States and is a cancer causing gas. The gas is caused by uranium that is formed in decaying rock. All different homes can suffer from radon issues.  Doesn’t matter if the house is new or old, well insulated or drafty, or where it is located.   While radon is found in soil, water or rock, the lowest level in the house is typically where the problem is found.  But homes without a basement can have issues.   Dangerous radon levels need to be be dealt with right away.  Some people are convinced they are not at risk from radon due to their location.  Since the gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless, it must be tested for. Also most people do not bother with   radon detectors, even though they are inexpensive and simple to set up. I asked around about Amy’s house and it did not seem to be located anywhere with radon issues.  I also learned online that radon is a leading cause of cancer. I wonder if Amy ever tested her home for radon gas. I want to ask her about it, but it might be a bad thing to bring up. I’m not sure if she’ll want to know about the potential for radon poisoning, but there are other family  members who could also be at risk.

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