When the heater busted

I love being able to come home from a long day of work to a nice heated home. A few years ago, I purchased a remote for my gas furnace. It has been worth every cent! I could start it up from hours away so that by the time I reached home, my home was nice plus toasty. No having to wait around in my overcoat until the heating system finally decided to kick on! It was an excellent investment. However, it is broken. Not the remote for the HVAC, the entire system. I have a Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman coming to look at it next month but until then, I have no heat. It is horrible. I come back home every night to a cold house, but it doesn’t get any better! It just stays frigid so, so do I! I have to wrap myself up in a million blankets and that even doesn’t take care of it. I rolled my aged space heating system into my room which gives me some relief, but I can’t wait to have my gas furnace up and running again so I hope that this is just some kind of small malfunction that takes just a few minutes to fix. It is the middle of Winter season here, so I just had my system checked in the fall so I have honestly no clue how this Heating plus Air Conditioning malfunction happened, but I just want it to be over! Hopefully it’s not something terribly wrong, seeing as I just purchased this HVAC only a few years back. But, I’ll find out soon enough. Hopefully sooner rather than later so that I can finally stop sleeping in ten pairs of wool socks every night!

furnace worker

Heater device

The holidays are finally here again and it’s a superb time of year! Thanksgiving is here, and then before you even realize what is happening, it will be Christmas too. It is my absolute number one time of year especially now that I have youngsters. I remember how magical it was to me as a child, so I love so much to be able to see that in my youngsters as well. I love getting the Christmas tree inside and decorating it and all the delicious food, especially the Christmas cookies! It is so charming. However, it is important to be careful, especially with a Christmas tree, during the holidays. Christmas trees are a big fire hazard. That is because a lot of people don’t realize that they need to keep the tree away from the Heating plus Air Conditioning vents! If your tree is touching your heating system at all, it could go up in flames and honestly put a damper on your holiday season. Especially if you’ve got youngsters running around your house, you never suppose what could happen! We had a small space heating system in the room for a little while, but since it could roll around both of us figured it was best to take it out on the off opportunity that it ever got pushed too close to the tree! Now we invested in radiant floors, which is superb for us temperature-wise. Also it’s not a fire hazard around the Christmas tree! As long as you’ve taken the proper precautions, you shouldn’t have any problems at all with your tree and your heating system.

gas heater

Our giant cooling system

My father-in-law works for a giant air conditioning firm, and has installed all the latest in HVAC technologies in his house. Every Thanksgiving, my fiance finds it necessary to invite them over, and inevitably, subject me and the home to constant scrutiny! The first thing they look at — or rather, assume — when they come through the door is the temperature. They ask about what temperature the thermostat is set to and can we change it. Then they start talking about how they have a smart thermostat, and how appealing it is to be able to control everything in their perfect home from their smartphones, and after we have them settled in their rooms, they talk about all the new systems they have imported and why we haven’t upgraded ours; No matter how many times I tell them, they don’t seem to understand that we don’t need all that stuff, both of us live very simply, and they’ve never been able to understand that, his whole life, my fiance has been drowned in all the latest and greatest things, eventually he l acquired that none of them made his blissful. when we got married, we promised each other that we would lead a easy life; Our undefined is easy, and every once in a while is breaks down. it works well enough for us. No, our thermostat doesn’t use a touch screen, but that’s just fine. I’m happy just knowing that it’s working.

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Radiant flooring in our mud room

My child and son-in-law live in one of those northern states where it’s cold multiple months out of the year. She has called me with stories about being snowed in for a whole week or having to trudge through more than 2 feet of snow to get to the car, but I don’t know how they can sit it. She says that the worst part of living in such a cold climate is the mess it makes of the house! Between the mud and snow, she says, the house doesn’t stay clean for more than an afternoon. About a month ago, she decided that he had had enough. It was time to solve this mid concern once and for all. She had her husband add a mudroom to their cottage, and not only that, but she asked to have radiant floors inside the mudroom as well. This way, instead of having the snow be tracked in and spread all over the house, the snow falls and melts. It’s much easier to clean up water than snow!. She also said it would be nice to walk into a nice sizzling room when you come inside the house and take your coat off. She doesn’t keep the heat on much anyway. When the installer came to the house to put the radiant floors in, he couldn’t understand why my child would want such a thing. She had to explain it all to him before he would even sign the contract. She said the guy kept arguing that he didn’t know if it would be a good idea, and finally, my child got frustrated and asked him to leave. She found another installer who did the work without asking as many questions, and she is truly glad with the way it turned out.   

heated floors

AC device and caring for it

I am so excited for the summer to finally be here because I am going to be renting a condo with a few of my friends. We all plan on spending an entire week together near the coast. I hope that the trip is everything we want it to be. My only problem is that the house may have some problems with the air conditioner system. Some of the reviews on the website said that the A/C unit didn’t work for the whole time it was rented. The house is in a great location and I’m going to call the property managers to be sure the A/C is working correctly for our stay.  It’s supposed to be a hot summer, and I want be sure we will have a way to cool off in the evenings after we’ve been outside on the beach all morning. I don’t get to visit with everyone very often anymore because we all live in different cities, so this time together is very important to me. Summers are meant for enjoying the heat and being with friends, but the evenings are meant for enjoying the cool air!

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The a/c was in bad condition

I started sculpting when I was in middle school, and it progressed to high school and then college.  I majored in fine arts to keep my interest and technique growing and expanding. Now, I am finally ready to make the move for a proper 9 to 5 job and a full-time career in the arts. I am going to open my own gallery soon, and I’m going through the old space to see what’s needed.  It desperately needs a new HVAC system. The area in the gallery is going to be about 500 square feet, so I don’t know that I will need a traditional Heating and A/C unit. Instead, I am considering using a ductless mini split cooling system. These can be mounted onto the wall, and they don’t need duct work.  So, this would save me a lot of money, time, and hassle. These types of cooling systems are supposed to be extremely efficient and they are nearly silent. I know that it would look nice and sleek in the gallery, and I could use the savings for other renovations. I never thought that choosing the cooling system for the gallery would be one of the greatest decisions that I would have to make. I hope that I am making the right choice! I will be open for the public soon and I’m excited about this new adventure.

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Operation of heated floors

I’ve been helping my friend as a consultant with the construction of his current new home for the past few months. I was in the contracting business for a while and gleaned some information from my dad who was an HVAC technician.  I told him something he really should think about was what kind of heating & cooling plan he should have installed in the house. There are many possibilities out there, although I told him that he should seriously consider a radiant flooring system.  In my opinion, they’re the best. These are radiant floors that operate by sending warmth through coils that are installed beneath the floorboards of the house. They work well because they are able to disperse warm air evenly throughout the house. When using a traditional Heating & Air Conditioning unit, the only way to disperse the air is through a few air vents around the house. Depending on the shape of the house and other things, this could leave you with cold spots. It can also take much longer for these types of furnaces to get the home to the right temperature. He likes this  HVAC style because we live in a region that is often cold for most of the year. Both of us take our heating plan seriously, as this is what ensures we’re safe and warm. He should be done with his home very soon and I think he is going to enjoy it. I hope that I have been helpful throughout this entire building process.

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The cooling system acting up

I had a playroom in the upstairs of my parents’ house when I was growing up. They kept a pool table and all my video games up there so that I had a part of the house to hang out in with my friends when they came over. I remember that the downside to this upstairs room was that when the HVAC machine would break down.  Since it was upstairs and heat rises, it would be so uncomfortable and ultimately an unusable space. It kept giving us problems when I was younger, however Mom was pretty handy, so she was often able to figure out what the issue was, but it would not be long before the a/c would start acting up again. I think that is happened for about a year before my parents decided to call an HVAC specialist to have the entire heating and cooling system replaced. I was absolutely happy when they did that because I knew that I would have full access to my playroom again. I wasn’t difficult to please as a kid, even though that playroom was a big highlight of my childhood. It’s pretty funny that this stands out in my mind as an important childhood memory. Because of it, I try to keep my HVAC unit in my own house in great shape at all times.

programmable thermostat

A not decent working heater system

       My family uses a gas fireplace for heating in the Winter season. The fireplace is about more than nine years old and it still works; however, periodically it refuses to turn on, then my spouse Jeff messes around with it, he clicks a couple of, buttons and then the oil furnace turns on again for a whole year. I have heard about temperature control with heating as well as A/C systems. People get smart temperature controls that alert them on air filter changes, humidity levels, and energy saving temperatures, then also the temperature control can be altered with any wireless connected product. That sounds super nice. Our heating plan has a wireless remote. All the remote can do is turn it on and off though. Other than that, the oil heating plan does its own thing. The heating plan is an electric start, and so if the power goes out and the oil furnace is off, no heating, but if all of us happen to have the oil furnace already on, since it is powered by oil all of us get heating for the power outage. That turns out to be handy. I have also heard about people getting heating repair and heating services, then my fireplace would not be able to handle it. The fireplace gets our vacuum hose shoved in it once a year. Then I take basic cleaner and scrub the outside. That is our heating service. The heating services it gets is my spouse tinkering around when it wont turn on. It is totally abused however it still works prefer a champion. I think people who pay on oil furnace tune ups are being ridiculous. I bet the oil furnaces don’t actually need it.

Want ductless cooling

       Anytime somebody talks about window A/C I constantly tell them not to do it! Window A/C is such a pain in the butt, and the A/C is not as powerful as regular cooling systems. Also, the window A/C sucks up so much electric, you might as well spend our money for a ductless mini-split. The ductless mini-split also could serve as a furnace too, and you additionally would have a easy wall mounted unit. The window cooling machine is sizable; however, it is a large, bulky item that you have to carefully locale in your window. After the season is done, you need to remove it and hump it back to the attic. The ductless mini-split system also can clean your air quality. You can link a smart control machine with it. Also, the ductless mini-split looks better in your home and is more efficient. Why would you not spend a little more to get everything? I think with most cases, the people are ignorant on how much better ductless heating and air conditioning is, but my family was until I busted our mother’s window A/C. What happens is that his A/C machine was of course not the right size. The window A/C constantly was barely in his window. When I tried to remove it from the window I knocked it backwards and It smashed on the outside pavement. I then had to substitute the cooling system and that is how I found ductless A/C. The mini-split A/C is just so much better and way less of a pain in the, butt.

ductless cooling