New HVAC equipment

In my opinion the best technological advance to come along in recent memory is  zone controlled HVAC system!  These systems allow people to adjust the thermostat to any desired temperature in any room. They are perfect at work or home, because they allow people to create an environment that best suits their preferences.  When I had 2 roommates in college, I definitely wish I had my own zone controlled HVAC system.  We were always battling over how to adjust the thermostat, which eventually led to moving out.  The ability to set the temperature in our individual space would have saved us a lot of arguments.  When I got out of college, I wish I had worked in an office that had zoned heating and air.  I remember working in my office shivering for hours because a coworker insisted on running the air conditioner at full blast!   I always felt that was seriously inconsiderate.  Although I enjoyed the job very much, I was never comfortable at work and eventually had to find a new job.  It’s hard to believe that a simple option like zone thermostats could have kept myself and others there. If I’m ever a manager or business owner that’s something I’ll keep in mind. As people realize how efficient and comfortable zoning is, I believe it will eventually become a standard feature on any HVAC system.  Kudos to the person who invited zoning.  It’s keeping people happy and saves energy.  It’s definitely is a genius-like invention.

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Medical cannabis facts

Marijuana is addictive!  I never used to think that marijuana was addictive, and everyone I knew who smoked it, said marijuana was not addictive.   In school I was told it was a gateway drug.  I have done some research of my own, and it read that marijuana is as addictive as alcohol and it can also damage your health.  Though medical marijuana is getting a lot of press about how many medicinal uses it has, pot is unhealthy.  Whereas medical marijuana has all of the chemicals that can get you are removed, recreational marijuana has all of the THC and CBD still in it, and it just gets you high.  When you smoke pot on a regular basis, it not just affects you mentally, but also physically.  Heavy pot smokers can suffer from slowed reflexes, and limited judgement, and the inability to focus and concentrate.  Physical performance, in all areas, can be greatly reduced.   Older men who have been heavy pot users when young, have been known to get female breasts, and it can even be the reason for impotence in older men. Some heavy pot users can become disconnected to cognitive thoughts and actions and they actually put themselves in situations where they can harmed, and not even realize it.  People using pot on a daily basis have up to a fifty percent chance of becoming addicted to the drug.  Occasional pot users, have a nine percent chance of becoming addicted to the drug.  Although there is sound medical reason for the use of marijuana, recreational marijuana should be avoided.  Pot in its natural form is not healthy or good for you, and it is still a drug.


Ductless air conditioning

My new husband and I will get to visit a whole new country for vacation this year. The two of us are so excited since it is so different from anything we have ever done before. For one, it’s not a tropical island we are going to. We are staying on an island, but it is known for being super cold and icy instead. So instead of researching beaches and hotels by using quality cooling, I have focused on heating. I found one lodge accommodation that looks super cool too. It is a campground that has a ton of hiking trails and tours you can choose to go on. You can stay in a cabin with multiple hikers or try glamping instead. Glamping can be described as a tent that is set up for you and includes a heating system. You are outside in the wild in some respect, and yet not at the same time. The camp is set up with a big bed, sheets, chairs, and to add to it, you are steps away from your  own bathroom. The tent is also fitted with generators that are fitted with electric heaters hooked up to them. This will be great for us since my husband desperately wants to camp in the country and I just want to be warm the whole time. With this accommodation, we can have the best of both worlds. Also, we will be completely outside and private from everyone else. It will be so romantic and also the heating system will add to that mood as well. If we like glamping, then I think we will stay one or more nights. It will really depend on how powerful those electric heating systems are though.

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I want to get close with my friends

Every hotel that I check into must be checked before I will settle in. It absolutely must be clean, intact, and have a working cooling system. There has been numerous times that I went to my room only to find that there’s no cool air at all. Anytime this happens, I never hesitate to go to the front desk to ask for another room. I’ll even go to such lengths to change hotels if there are no other rooms available. I don’t want to think about sleeping through the night without a/c, so if it doesn’t work, this is a huge problem. I’m positive that most hotels have an HVAC repairman on call, but calling for that type of service over and over is irritating if you asked me. Traveling is something I really enjoy and I’m low maintenance, so I don’t mind staying in hotels but getting a good night’s sleep is essential. I travel frequently for work and for pleasure so, I have been getting my room checks down to an art. I would suggest for any traveller to check the HVAC system in order to avoid the nightmare of changing rooms in a booked up hotel. Because of this ritual, I haven’t experienced too many difficult nights in a very long time.

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Bad Coffee

For some, coffee is just a tasteful drink. Others drink it as a morning pick me up or perhaps an afternoon energy boost. I however, drink coffee because I think it is fascinating. The taste is absolutely delectable, and the smell is even better. There are many different kinds of coffee with different tastes. I am passionate about coffee including where it comes from, the coffee beans themselves, the process of making the beverage, and of course the actual drink itself. This fascination led me to open my own coffee shop in the center of town. It is doing very well because of how meticulous I am when it comes to coffee. I brew everything fresh, so customers can experience the best we have to offer. There is one downside to this however, and that is how hot the drink is when it is brewed. One morning I actually ruined my HVAC system because of it! I was in the back room going about business when an employee brought me a fresh cup of coffee. Without thinking, I took a swig of the burning hot liquid. I spat it out as soon as I felt the pain, but it was too late. Not only was my tongue burnt to a crisp, but I had spit out the coffee all over the furnace and air conditioner. I had turned my head to miss the computer but I guess I had a direct hit on the HVAC units. Luckily I had been saving up for a new HVAC system so it was not a big deal as our air conditioner had been having problems. Next time I will have to check how hot the coffee is before I drink it. I am no amateur, but I can not afford another HVAC system!

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Trying to find an apartment with a good heater

I am currently looking at small houses to rent out in the north. My plan is to move closer to my parents. They have a home in the north and that is where I want to be. I have yet to find a good place though. All the rental homes seem to be on their last legs. Also none of the places have decent heating systems. If the rental property has a heater, it is not a great one. Most places use a fireplace or an older boiler system. Any place that boasts a fireplace, I am an automatic no. Fireplaces are not that powerful, and are a ton of work. That will not work well for the northern cold. A boiler system just looks so horrible. They usually are huge, rusted and about 100 years old. I have read that a boiler system can last a super long time. But, I don’t want to take a gamble on the boiler system. I would rather have a simple ductless heating system. But, no place that I have looked at has a decent heating system. The real estate agents and people putting their homes on the market don’t seem to get how heating affects me. No way will I go in a home with a bad heater. Heating is expensive and heating installation, maintenance and care is going to cost a ton. I want to cut costs where I can. So I am looking for a good place, with at least a decent heater installed in it. Then I will be willing to move in.

I’m sick of dealing with this

Just the other day, I was hanging out with a fantastic friend of mine on a fishing trip. Both of us were on his incredibly nice boat. It was costly and had its own HVAC system. I couldn’t believe that my friend had air conditioning on his boat! This got us talking about HVAC systems. I was saying that I was thinking about upgrading mine since I felt it was time to get something more current. My friend said that it was smart to get a current energy efficient system. He definitely encouraged me to get a system with the Energy Star Label. He was telling me that you can get a nice tax rebate for having such an energy efficient system. I thought that was fantastic motivation to go for something like that. I was asking about what the best type of HVAC system was. He said his wife and he certainly loved their Radiant Heated Flooring. I didn’t really know much of anything about that, so he explained it to me. He basically explained how there are a series of pipes set up under the floorboards! These pipes carry heated water which radiates heat up through the floors plus the walls. All the surfaces in your household are perfectly heated in this fashion, which means there is not a chilly surface to speak of. He was saying how when they first got that type of HVAC system, the initial cost was high but it was worth it. When he first stepped out of his shower with the current HVAC system, he was amazed to step onto warm tiles in the powder room. He laughed and claimed he could absolutely never go without it in the future because he was spoiled by such ideal heating.

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Sister’s dog is ruining my AC system with its hair

My sister Stella has been living with me for around a month now. She is driving me insane. First my sister never does any of the dishes, cooks or cleans around the house. Second, she leaves my air conditioning system running all of the time. Third, she has the worst dog in the world. My sister’s dog is huge, barks all the time and constantly sheds. I find dog hair all over my apartment. I vacuum, dust and wipe down every surface weekly. Still dog hair is littered all over my floor. The worst is with my AC system. The AC system has air filters that catch dust from going into the system. This keeps your air quality clean and lengthens the lifespan on the air conditioning. But, since there is so much dog hair clogging the air filter, dust goes right into my system. I keep expecting my cooling system to quit one day. I change out my AC filter every other day. Still, there is a startling amount of hair in it. Also breathing in that hairy filter cannot be good for my health. My sister says that I should get an air purifier. That would clean out the air quality. I say the dog needs to go. There would be no barking and no hair at all. The air filter would stay clean for months and there would be no pet dander in the air quality. My sister says that if the dog goes, she goes. I cannot tell you how tempting that offer is. I am trying to be a good person, but I don’t think I will last.

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HVAC problems

My son just moved back home from college, and it has been a whirlwind of a storm. He hasn’t been home in 3 years, and things have changed since he has been gone. Since my son graduated from college, he thinks he knows everything. He has been butting heads with his dad, about every subject imaginable. Yesterday, they got into an argument over our HVAC system. My husband contacted our HVAC contractor, in order to schedule our yearly service appointment. My son decided to pipe in with his opinion, and was convinced that he could perform the service without the aid of a professional. My husband decided to schedule the appointment with the HVAC contractor anyways. My son started looking up hundreds of videos on YouTube, in order to find out how to perform the HVAC tune up service. I must admit, there were millions of videos and tutorials online. My son was convinced that he could perform the service on his own, and he decided to call and cancel the HVAC contractor. When my husband found out about this, he started yelling and screaming at our son. I know that my son was only trying to help, but he is arguing with his dad. My son is going to be living here for a while, while he pays down some of his student loans. I hope that things can start to get better, because I can’t handle the arguing every single day. We have a younger daughter who still lives at home, also. It has been nice to have all four of us together again.

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Blistering heat

Over the weekend, I took my family to an awesome local amusement park. All of us had such a great time, but it was a rather sizzling hot afternoon in summer. All of us rode all kinds of rides and even took several family pictures. We also went to get pictures of us riding the roller coasters. I thought they were great memories for us to cherish, however even though it was so hot, there were ways to cool off. All of us went into some of the food locales that had air conditioner. I thought it was pretty smart that they had such a great set up. Even though it was pretty crowded, the HVAC systems in those locales were honestly state-of-the-art. So we grabbed some snow cones and some ice cream. Those cool treats were so delicious after being in the blistering heat for too long. Plus, riding the water rides was nice. Even when the two of us were all completely soaked, it felt nice and we all still dried off in a short amount of time because of how sizzling it was. I recall that in one of the shops, they were selling small solar powered fans. I picked up a couple of those for us to keep cool while standing in some of the lines. They weren’t nearly as powerful as an A/C, but they still worked pretty well. I would have to say my number one ride was the water rapids. We floated around on this circular raft and I actually was soaked through when we went under the waterfall. It just depended on where you were kneeling on in the raft, whether you were soaked by the waterfall. Everyone was just laughing at me, but it was a great way to cool off! When the two of us went back toward home, we cranked up the A/C and talked about what rides the two of us loved the most. My children wanted to go back again soon.

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