The apartment building needs an air cleaner

I had several stipulations when my boyfriend and I were shopping for a flat. It actually prolonged us moving in together in the timely manner both of us would have preferred, and we really wanted to move in about five months before we did. Once we started the search process, it was clear how much money people were charging for places that really aren’t nice environments to live in, and how much it costs to actually live in one that has even a hint of cleanliness. I know I was spoiled growing up. My parents and I lived in a very nice home. I wanted a lot of the things I had at my parent’s house, but without the cost of course. I wanted a brand new place with a washer and dryer right in our unit, double sinks, granite countertops, and three bedrooms. It turned out that not all of that was feasible. What we ended up with was close though. It was several years old, not brand new, but it had a washer and dryer in the unit, hardwoods in the dining room, and granite countertops. I wanted garage parking as well, but that was just something I was going to have to pass over for now. When we moved in, I observed that my boyfriend’s allergy symptoms were acting up, and my nose was getting clogged almost every night. When I looked into the cause of this, I found that both old and new buildings could have really bad indoor air conditions and that pollutants and allergens were likely the cause of our symptoms. I thought I had been smart, choosing a current building, so that neither of us would have to deal with these kinds of problems. I was unhappy to learn that this problem can exist in new developments as well. It could be inadequate ventilation or a bad air cleaner. Since it is not our home, I will have to ask the repairman these questions and then see how I can reduce the problems that I can control. Lesson learned here.

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Heating bill is too high

Lately, my partner and I have been trying to be more money conscious! It’s not that either of our incomes have changed, or that we’ve had any sizable added expenses, but we think that eventually the two of us want to buy a larger house, take more luxurious trips, and in general upgrade our lifestyle. We have been trying to stay in and cook more than go out, and we only go out for drinks and appetizers when either of us have plans with our friends. We think of it as the opposite of a return on investment. The less money the two of us invest in outings, the more money we have saved for big picture purchases in the future. I have done wonderfully with this so far, and I am finding a new adoration for cooking that I didn’t think I had. As it gets colder outside, and winter approaches, I am becoming concerned that she will get stingy with the heating costs. Being chilly is one thing that makes me extremely uncomfortable and super irritable. I am more or less a fairly straight-forward, easy going person unless I am uncomfortable, and I know a lot of people can ignore it and work through things, but I never learned how to do that. Since I have been such a sport about our spending, I hope that she will take this into consideration and allow me to fix the temperature control at whatever temperature I want all winter. I could always negotiate with her and say that I will reduce spending on my shopping trips even more for the next few months. I think that my clothing addiction could use a little monitoring anyway. It is worth being able to fully fuel the heating plan how I want.

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The a/c spoiled my day

I had a crush on a girl for more than five weeks. All of us have the same Advanced Physics class together at the school. I sit right behind her, plus I can sense the watermelon shampoo that she uses in her hair. It drives me wild, although I am far too shy to talk to her. One day in class, I made a joke. She looked directly at me, smiled, then laughed. I wanted to ask her out on a first date, so I waited until the perfect time. She was happy about getting an A+ on her mid-term. I decided to seize the opportunity. I asked if I could make her brunch, as a congratulations for the task well done. She quickly said yeah, which made me even more anxious than I already had been. My roommate helped me set up the perfect date in our apartment. I found out she loved shrimp. I made her scampi with linguini noodles. Halfway through our brunch, the cooling system conked out. It was acting weird all day, although I hoped it was the cooking. When the cooling system stopped working, it got uncomfortably warm fast. I could tell that she was uncomfortable, so I apologized about the cooling system. It was muggy plus humid in the apartment due to the faulty cooling system. I decided to ask her to take an evening stroll. It was cool outside, but it would be a refreshment. She agreed to a stroll, plus both of us had our first kiss in the park, right under the statue of Ben Franklin! The broken cooling system device worked to our advantage.

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Don’t mind camping with heating

I have constantly enjoyed camping with our kids. We have a full collection of camping supplies. We have a large, ten person tent with several rooms. We have several air mattresses and several sleeping bags. We have several totes full of camping supplies like matches, plastic ware, and crossword puzzles. I have constantly enjoyed camping while I was in the summer, because we have such mild weather during those weeks. Lately, the kids have been asking to go camping when it is absolutely cold outside. I particularly didn’t want to brave the cold just to have a campfire. The kids would not budge with their request no matter what I tried. I went down to the sporting goods store and talked to them about the camping trip. I was upset that we would be too cold overnight. The store clerk lead me over to the camping aisle, and pointed out a selection of small camping heaters. These camping oil oil furnaces were small and portable, and some of them even used batteries. Lucky for us, we were going to go camping anywhere with electricity available. I purchased a small gas furnace from the sporting goods store, and overpaid by a lot. When I got home later in the day, I started looking at other portable heaters. There were some portable oil furnaces on Amazon that were a lot cooler for a lot less. If anything went wrong, I knew I could return the gas furnace to the sporting goods store. I like having that piece of mind, seeing as you cannot return something the same day when you order it online.

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Glad we have a good heating system

My wife takes me to work every afternoon, because the two of us have to share a single car right now. About six weeks ago, our Honda broke down in the parking lot of the grocery store. It never moved from that parking lot again, actually, until it went to the junkyard! Now we are going to need to save up for another car, so we are sharing the minivan out of necessity for a few weeks. I don’t mind much, because I only work about ten minutes away from our house. It seems wasteful for the car to sit outside all day long at my place of employment, especially when my industrious wife could be running errands or setting appointments. At the end of every day, my wife comes over to the factory to pick me up from work. Occasionally I am running a bit late, so she has to wait for me. Just yesterday was one of those afternoons where I was going to be late, but my wife arrived early and then fell asleep with the heater running on full blast! When I came outside, all of the windows were fogged up. I started to panic, until I saw my sweet wife stirring inside. Before I came out to the car, the heater had been on full blast for ten minutes. My wife said the melodic hum of the furnace had caused her to fall asleep! Still, even with the furnace running, I thought the behavior was strange. We decided to go to the doctor the following afternoon, and he told me wife that she was pregnant. Anytime my wife sat in a hot area, she would instantly fall asleep. She continued this odd behavior all through her first trimester. During her second and third trimesters, however, she had more energy than our toddler.

Heating service in our church

Most of the churches in our neighborhood are broken down! Many people have moved out of the community, and no one is left to attend to these old churches. However, when a local gentleman was running for state senate, he invested a million dollars into a local church. The church was still structurally sound, so they converted the building into a homeless shelter. I was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to see what type of renovations had been made to the inside of the church. When the grand opening ceremony finally took place, they were providing tours of the shelter. My wife and I drove down to see all of the fuss. The entire neighborhood was buzzing with gossip about the updated homeless shelter in town. It was incredibly chilly outside that day, but the building was comfortably warm. The church always did have a great oil furnace. Most of these old churches still have oil furnaces. A lot of the older buildings in this city have boiler oil furnaces from the sixties or seventies. Those oil furnaces can last forever if they are well cared for. The money had managed to make the church seem more friendly and warm to boot. There were beds located in a few areas of the current shelter, and the great room had doubled in size. I was kind of surprised by the current look and feel. After the news reporters and camera crew left our town, there were people lined up to sleep in the shelter. Since it was the beginning of February, I was thrilled that everyone had a warm place to sleep.

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The HVAC was just plain bad

Last weekend was so much fun. I had been waiting for it like a child on their birthday. My fiance and I had gotten tickets to a comic book convention, and one of our number one voice actors was going to be there! I was so excited! I even purchased a special bundle so that I could get an extra autograph. When every one of us showed up at the event, the first thing I noticed was the exhausting heating and cooling plan settings. It was like an oven in there! I had to take off my hoodie as I walked around, because the heating and cooling plan was set at such an obnoxiously high level. It legitimately felt like I was standing in a giant furnace. I finally had enough. I found a worker and asked him if he were able to do something about the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan settings. I was hoping he could at least turn some fans on! The Worker told me there was nothing he could do. I wasn’t the first lady to complain about the heating and cooling plan settings. A lot of people had come up to him and  rudely asked him to do something about the heating and cooling system. Apparently, the owner of the building had forgotten to provide them the key to the office where the control equipment was situated. The switches for the fans were in that office as well! This was terrible! I did the best I could to deal with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. I still had a good time despite the lack of a good air conditioning system.

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Husband is the HVAC deskworker

My boyfriend has been happily working in a 24-hour help center for almost his whole adult life. The help-desk work is for an IT company and they help repair most of the world’s greatest businesses. The company has been truly good to him and now that he has worked there for over thirty years, he has some major stock in the firm. He, as always, seems that he likes his work, however lately he is not as satisfied as he used to be. I told him that he should start looking for a different job if he was not feeling ecstatic anmore. Last week, he let myself and others know he would be quitting his current job to take on a role at an HVAC repair company. The HVAC company was in need of a senior level IT manager and my partner is the perfect man for that work. He seems to be pretty excited about undoubtedly working for this HVAC company despite the fact that I don’t believe he has any comprehension of the HVAC business industry, but, if I believe anything about my partner it is that he is really smart and a quick learner. He will be able to pick up on the HVAC language plus corporation in no time at all. I am ecstatic that he is finally looking forward to going to work again, although I hate seeing him in a rut. I believe that this current role at the HVAC company won’t be separate from its own set of challenges, although I believe it will be fine for him. I am excited to see where this HVAC company will take him in his work!

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I don’t know if I can handle more cooling

My grandparents have lived in the same house since I was born. It is a beautiful little house on the countryside and I love every chance I get to go up to the country and visit with them. As I get older the times I see them are few and far between. It makes me sad to think they are getting older and I might not get to see them ever again. So, I booked a flight and packed my bags to go spend a couple of days with my grandparents. I was looking forward to my tripped and was so excited when I was boarding the plane. When I arrived, I was hit with the terrible news that my grandparents have decided to sell their home. I was so upset by the news that I spent my entire vacation trying to convince them it was a bad idea to sell. They told me the house was not worth the money they would have to put back into it. My grandmother said they would have to complete replace their current heating and cooling system. I guess their HVAC system has not been updated in over thirty years. I said I would pay for a HVAC company to come out and give them a quote, but it seems like they have already made up their minds about selling. I really don’t think the house needs much work in regards to their HVAC system, but I guess I don’t know much about heating and cooling repair. I just know I am going to miss this house!

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Handling the ductwork in our flipped house

My family and I do real condo flipping as a team. My oldest sibling Evan is the nice one with the money that really just buys the house. She also buys any needed device or furniture that both of us outfit the place with. My mother is our good interior designer. My other older sibling Freddie is the woman who handles all of the electric. My father then just handles all of the plumbing. It took myself and others a longer while to find my job. I needed to just know if I was a large picture or smaller detail woman. I tried doing drywalling, tiling and even some sanding and mudding. None of those odd jobs fit me. I then realized that I am more suited towards the Heating and A/C sites. I can take apart a old Heating and A/C component in minutes. I also have gotten better at deducing just what the actual Heating and A/C repair is. I have to really say though, my skill set certainly lies with the HVAC duct. I am the older jedi master at HVAC duct. I can find the air ducts and also just scrub them out without damaging them. I even got a few special tools to do my own HVAC duct cleaning. I also just can tell based on the temperature and feel of the apartment if the older air ducts need sealing. I have special tools to do real HVAC duct sealing as well. Honestly though, I just certainly love to rip out the Heating and A/C ducts and even replace them with a ductless Heating and A/C unit. If it is even possible, the air ducts are coming right down. I am a master at getting out the super large, heavy HVAC duct without ruining the house. I then can really install a ductless mini split super easily.

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