Want hot HVAC tech to come back

I never used to be conscientious about preventative maintenance for my heating system or a/c.  I knew all of the benefits of planned seasonal upkeep, but never managed to get around to it. I was unwilling to spend my day off waiting around for an Heating and A/C worker to show up, and then didn’t want to watch him for hours.  I begrudge spending money on the heating and cooling equipment, when it seemed to be working just fine. For years, I failed to care for the heating system and a/c maintenance, and it eventually caught up with me. During the middle of a exceptionally freezing winter, the heating system suddenly quit.  With temperatures in the mid thirties, there was no way I could get manage without a working heating system. I did a some research online, found a local Heating and A/C company, and immediately set up an appointment for the repair of my system. The HVAC technician who arrived at my door was tall, young and really cute.  For the first time ever, I truly enjoyed having my heating system repaired. The maintenance was completed much too fast. The recommendation of the worker was that I should enroll in a maintenance program with his business, I was more than willing. I made sure that he would be the one handling my regularly scheduled seasonal appointments.  My handsome Heating and A/C worker now shows up on my front porch twice per year. In the fall, he takes care of all the necessary cleaning and tuning of the heating system, and I offer him root beer and hot apple pie for her efforts. He comes back in the springtime to complete the troubleshooting of the a/c, and I serve homemade lemonade and sponge cake.  

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Boiler for severe weather heating

I live along the northern border of the country, where the winters are absolutely the longest season.  We constantly endure temperatures below freezing for around 8 months. It’s not uncommon for the temperature to drop well below zero, plus we often get several feet of snowfall in a single afternoon.  With the dreadful wind chill, it can be downright treacherous to spend time outside. For the sake of ease, safety plus budget, it’s necessary to invest in a dependable and effective oil furnace. As residences of this region it’s necessary to combat the weather without spending a fortune on yearly heating bills.  My lake house is equipped with a boiler system, which is completely ideal. The boiler is a hydronic system, which simply means that it transport heat energy through water. Water is a appealingly clean, safe and efficient means of conducting heat energy. The boiler is linked to pipes which run throughout the house, hidden discretely beneath the floors.  In the dining room, bathroom kitchens, I have a radiant flooring plan installed. This spreads the heat evenly across the floors plus creates a legitimately comfortable environment. The heat rises gradually warming the surfaces in the room, plus maintaining consistent temperature all day long. In the rest of the house, I have baseboard heaters, which runs safely around the perimeter.  The standard baseboards heating systems don’t blow heated air into the room, but infuse the heat into the room steadily. This avoids an influx of dust plus other contaminants, as well as helps to avoid temperature stratification. The boilers also conveniently supplements our water heating needs, which is suitable for cost-saving. Because of the boiler system, I don’t need to worry about the frigid winter weather, extreme heating costs, or having a comfortable and fantastic home.

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Heated floors vs a furnace

When compared to a forced air oil furnace, there are lot of benefits to hydronic heating. A hydronic heating program consists of a boiler linked to either, radiators, baseboard heaters, or radiant radiant floors. Rather than using air to transport heat, the hydronic program relies on water, making it far more energy efficient. Even an average quality boiler is more energy efficient than a higher rated oil furnace. Water holds more heat than air, heats up faster, and retains warmth longer. Although a hydronic heating program is more overpriced to install, the superior comfort and savings on energy costs make it a better investment in the end.  Boilers also require less maintenance and tend to outlast the official oil furnace. With regular maintenance, boiler systems often continue to operate effectively until upgraded parts are no longer manufactured for that identifiable model. The boiler is exceptionally quiet and radiant heating is entirely silent. The compact size of the boiler, and equipment concealed beneath the floor allow greater flexibility, and save space within the home. A forced air oil furnace tends to dry out the air, causing concerns with insufficient humidity, such as dry skin, chapped lips and static shock.Hydronic heating does not dry out the home, eliminating the need to humidify and promoting superior comfort at lower thermostat settings. There’s also the versatility of the boiler, which accommodates water heating, zone control, towel warmers, sizzling tubs, and snowmelt systems.  A snowmelt program eliminates the need to plow or shovel, and protects against slippery sidewalks, and icy driveways. In my opinion, a boiler program is a far better investment than a forced air gas oil furnace.

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Winter demand and the heat pump does not work

When my spouse, Arthur and I built our modern home, we consulted with a local Heating and A/C business to make sure the upgrade of the heating and cooling system was handled correctly. Rather than rely entirely on a general business for such an substantial service, we agreed to hire an outside professional. The Heating and A/C business recommended that all of us invest in an electric heat pump to handle year round temperature control. She explained that a heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity in a single unit. Because the heat pump runs on electricity, rather than burn fossil fuels, there is no combustion process. This eliminates problems with sizzling surfaces, fire hazard, and contamination from byproducts such as formaldehyde or carbon monoxide. The heat pump simply moves heat from one location to another. In the summer, it draws heat from the inside air and pumps it outside, creating a cooling effect. The heat pump reverses operation in the winter, utilizing ambient heat to bring warmth into the house. The operation is very energy efficient, quiet, clean, and environmentally friendly. Arthur and I were a little upset because of the severe Winter chills in our area. We doubted that the heat pump would find enough ambient warmth to keep up with demand. The Heating and A/C business assured us that a modern heat pump would entirely handle the challenge. She was wrong. On especially chilly Winter days and evenings, my home is downright chilly. It runs non stop, but simply can’t supply enough heat to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature.  We’ve needed to invest in space oil furnaces to compensate, and are now considering investing in a gas furnace to create a dual flow system.

Upgraded to a smart thermostat

I work entirely from home.  There are many advantages to my job.  I set my hours, which means I don’t need an alarm in the day.  I usually wear comfortable sweatpants & shirts, since dressing professionally for the office isn’t a priority,.  I listen to my radio & drink pop all day long, & there’s no chatty coworkers interrupting me. However, I work many hours & it’s sometimes a major challenge to remain focused.  I’ve realized my productivity is greatly influenced by my lack of comfort. And so I’ve invested quite a bit to create a comfortable workspace. I have a beautiful, ergonomic swivel chair, a nice hardwood desk, & an extravagant computer setup.  I’ve also spent money on upgrades to the heating & cooling idea in our home. I spend all day holed up in one room, so there’s no need to heat or cool my entire home to an ideal temperature. With a series of valves & control units, I now have zone control.  This allows me to set distinctly independent temperatures in the rooms. I save lots of money & lessen the wear & tear on my new furnace & air conditioner. I’ve also installed a cool wireless control unit system, meaning all of the control units talk to each other and link to my smartphone.  I never leave my desk to make changes to temperature, a new fan speed or air quality. It’s really convenient & allows me to conserve tons of energy & trim utility costs.

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Love my brother’s heated floors

My sibling, John, makes more money than I do, and because of this, he has a nicer house.  Not only is his home far greater than mine, it is super modern. He has huge property, surrounded by trees, and enjoys a prime location and spectacular view.  John has a swimming pool in the backyard, a raised deck across the back of the house, and a beautiful balcony off the master. His giant-sized kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, nice hardwood cupboards and even granite countertops.  There’s a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom and satellite TV in the living room. I am mainly envious of the radiant flooring he has installed throughout the house. Joe has a condensing boiler idea in the basement which sends nicely heated water through zig-zagging pipes concealed under all the floors.  These pipes transfer heat really evenly from wall to wall. There’s no distracting blasts of heat, no chilly spots in corners, and no drafts anywhere. The heating idea takes up zero living space, doesn’t detract from the decorating and makes no noise. Because the warmth heat originates at floor level, where it is definitely the most beneficial, and warms the rooms as it rises, John can keep the setting lower.  There is no energy waste from air ducts, and the whole system is energy efficient. I find it very unfair that Joe pays way lower daily energy costs than I do. His home is enormous, and he keeps it warmer and much more comfortable than mine. I try to spend as much time at John’s home as possible. I enjoy walking barefoot across his radiant floors in the winter.

radiant floors

Cooling all day long

I have never been one to worry about getting older. I have had a relatively long and trying life, so I truly appreciate every year that I age. That said, this year I found an element of my age that I feel I am going to despise with a passion: menopause. I don’t feel anyone talks about the truth of the hell of menopause. I’m not sure if it is that they are embarrassed or just don’t want to inflict their misery on others! Seriously, I never knew one’s body temperature could go so crazy, and never before was I so very sensitive to heat or cooling changes. But, now if I don’t have some type of a/c, I am just not going to survive a single moment of the day. I can’t sleep at night unless it is arctic cold; I have to blast the A/C all night. It got so bad at one point, in fact, that I bought a window box a/c for my living room in addition to my office. Then I just would lock myself into one room to be comfortable, rather than air condition my entire home and waste an insane amount of currency on an everyday basis. Honestly, my utility bill has been the worst it has ever been in all my years of paying my own bills. I have an a/c fund, so I can monitor my usage and costs. I just want to get through this absurd menopausal stage so my bank account can take a break! I am tired of paying out so much currency just for a/c!

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Renting the HVAC

My partner and I have been saving up for a new home for as long as I can recall. Frankly, we chose not to have a large wedding because we wanted to save our money for our dream home we were fantasizing about purchasing. Well, with each year that has gone by, my partner and I realized it was pretty far off. Even so, we had this fantasy of creating our dream home. We knew we probably couldn’t exactly build it from the ground up, so we were considering buying a fixer upper which is similar! She was totally on board when we discovered a good house in a great area! It needed quite a bit of work; it had nothing. Even worse, virtually everything needed to be repaired. It had no heating and cooling system right as the worst heat of the summer was hitting. I couldn’t imagine living there with no cooling unit. We had been discussing our HVAC-related woes with friends when one friend suggested that we rent an HVAC unit. I’m sorry, what did you just say? I had no clue at all that you could rent an air conditioning unit but it was an amazing idea all around! Since we honestly weren’t totally sure which kind of heating and cooling system we both wanted in our house as of yet, this would allow us just the right amount of time to figure it out. Plus, we were inadvertently testing out an air conditioning as well as an HVAC provider! It was the perfect balance! And it was undoubtedly the best gift I’ve received. Seriously, I can’t imagine getting through that summer without a cooling unit. It was scorching hot for numerous months. Beach life can have some downsides!

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Losing electric and heating at the same time

Winter weather can be quite adverse, especially when you live 11,000 feet above sea level, there are mountains as far as our eyes can see, The closest neighbors are 8 miles away. When we drive to city for groceries, gas, or other sundries, it takes our entire day. We constantly worry about the weather, especially when the Winter is looming in the distance. We have had a few incidences when the snow has been extremely heavy. The power lines have been out for weeks, leaving us with no electricity. That’s the main reason why we have numerous heaters for our wood cottage: our family has a nice fireplace in the living room, which nicely heats most of the house. The fireplace has stone around the outside, and it helps retain heat for hours. With the doors left open, the fireplace works enough to keep us all from chill. When the power is on and working, we try to use our electric heating system. The electric heating system is in the basement, under the living room flooring. With both furnaces working together, our wood cottage feels hot in the worst weather conditions… Even when the outside temperatures reach below zero, our family is still cozy in their beds. We haven’t had any complications with terrible weather yet this year, but it’s still early in the season. We’ve had plenty of snow, but nothing that has caused any problems. We do not normally have terrible blizzard conditions until the middle of December or early January. We are well prepared for whatever mother nature has in store.

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AC problems at the basketball game

When our daughter wanted to try out for basketball, I was excited to see her interested in a sport. We tried to get her to play little league for numerous years, even though she never took much interest in group games. When she was in the fifth grade, she came to us plus said she was going to try out for the basketball team, and my hubby plus I waited patiently the next day. When Dani came home from school, she was gleeful; she made the team, and was going to be first string. My hubby and I have attended every basketball game this season. The two of us could not be more proud of Dani’s accomplishments. She scores a few points in each game, plus assists her teammates. Their team was 10-0, until last Sunday’s game, our kids were up by 4 points, when the air conditioner started making unusual sounds; Even over the announcer, all the people could hear the failing air conditioner system… After half-time, the temperature inside the building was 89 degrees. The janitor tried to fix the air conditioner problem, but it just got hotter. Even though our team was winning, the game had to be ended early. Without the cool air conditioner, numerous of the kids were feeling heat effects.  Our team had to forfeit the game, which ended up being the first loss of their season, I felt bad for them, but most of them were ready to go home to rest in front of the air conditioner vents. Dani passed out early, before getting to eat her dinner.

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