Summer Weather

I am one of the few people out there that will admit to hating summer weather. I love the winter weather, even the huge snow storms that my city faces every year. I love being cuddled up in blankets and watching a snowstorm from my window. I am also lucky to have a strong heating system and heated blankets that keep me toasty during the bad winter weather. I am the happiest girl during winter. Summer, on the other hand, brings out the worst in me. I hate the heat! It makes me sweaty and sticky. I overheat very quickly, to the point where I feel sick from the heat. The only thing that gets me through the heat is my cooling system. It is very strong and keeps me cool all summer long. I wish I could take the cooling system with me while I am out and about, but that is just not possible. Instead, I spend as much time as possible indoors. I usually spend the summer days sitting next to my cooling system, enjoying the cool air. My friends get really aggravated with me and they think it is unhealthy that I spend so much time glued to the air conditioning unit, but they just don’t understand. I skip beach trips and outdoor activities as often as possible. I try everything that I possibly can to keep myself comfortable until the winter weather finally comes to save me. Maybe one day I will change and learn to love the summer weather. Until then, I will sit by my air conditioning unit and wish the summer away.

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Hot Flashes

My mother is getting older, and with age, she has been experiencing some complications. She is always tired, cranky, and full of complaints. The top of her complaints is her hot flashes. She experiences such strong temperature fluctuations that she finds it difficult to ever be comfortable. When her body temperature swings up high, she breaks out into sweats. This makes her very uncomfortable, especially when she is in a public place. This makes it incredibly difficult for her at work. She has to spend a lot of time outside trying to cool down. Her manager doesn’t particularly like this, nor does he understand what she is going through. She has been spending a lot of time going to doctor’s offices for check ups, but they cannot offer her any helpful advice. She decided to put a small desk fan at her desk at work. This has offered some relief when her hot flashes come in strong at work. At home, she installed a window air conditioning unit in her bedroom. This allows her to turn on the cooling unit and feel the cool air directly. I have often walked into her house and found her sitting next to the air conditioning unit with it running at full blast. She keeps the unit installed all year long, even during winter. I have tried to reason with her many times because she is wasting money and energy, but she doesn’t want to hear it. I really hope she finds a better solution or her hot flashes subside. I hate seeing her uncomfortable.

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my house was very hot and uncomfortable

I came home from work today, and my house was very hot and uncomfortable. I immediately went to the thermostat to check the temperature. A few years ago, I had the old thermostat replaced with a programmable one, so I have been accustomed to coming home to a cool and air conditioned home in the late afternoons, except for this afternoon. So after I verified the temperature at the thermostat, I checked the electrical box to make sure it had not received an electrical surge and tripped. With no such luck, I went outside to check the outside HVAC equipment, and I did not see anything out of the ordinary. The HVAC equipment was on, but it was not cooling and certainly did not feel like the A/C was on, in fact, it felt like I had the heater on. So I begrudgingly called a local HVAC company and set an appointment for the next day. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be an expensive HVAC repair, or a simple fix, but I knew that I would need the help of an A/C professional to get my air conditioning working and cooling my house again. The next day, around the same time, I felt relieved when I saw the HVAC truck in my driveway, waiting for my return home. After a brief introduction, the A/C technician went about his business, and found that I had a freon leak and it wasn’t long before that very talented HVAC technician had my air conditioner cooling my home once again.

Current heating and air

My wife and I have an old, drafty house that we absolutely love. The architecture makes up for any shortcomings that we may incur with an older home that would probably not be found in a newer home. So we have decided to talk to an HVAC provider about our current heating and air conditioning system, since we have a basement that stays very cold, and an upper floor that can’t seem to stay very cool. We know that the current heating and A/C is several years old, so it might just be time to make some necessary improvements in the HVAC equipment. What information I’ve gathered from the internet shows that there are better HVAC systems available now that can help with different rooms, and the draftiness found, and the difficulties heating and cooling old homes. For instance, a thermostat with a remote sensor can help heat and cool a multi-story house that has warm or cold spots. It really depends on where we spend our time in the house, and where the main thermostat is. A mini-split HVAC system can help with adding a separate HVAC to the basement, allowing my oldest son to have his own thermostat down there, where he wants to have his bedroom. I’m not sure if he is mature enough to have a bedroom with a door to the outside, but that’s another problem for another day. I’ll have to add some security features in with the new HVAC equipment, but at least he’ll be warm with good heating down there in the basement.

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Important heating and cooling system

This year, I joined a membership discount club with my local heating and air dealer.  I had learned, when having my heating and air system serviced last spring, that they offered a membership in which members would receive discounts on heating and air maintenance and service repairs.  I was very interested in receiving this service, not only because it would be cost effective especially for heating and air emergency calls, but it would help me manage the overall upkeep of my heating and air system.  In order to receive a discount from my local heating and air company on the yearly membership, they offered a class on the weekend about heating and air preventive maintenance that homeowners could do themselves. In the class I learned one of the most important part of the heating and cooling system is the condenser unit and it is usually the most neglected.  The course showed how the condenser intakes air from outside and runs it through the heating and air system which cools it and circulates through the house. Until this class, other than that it was part of the heating and air conditioner system, I didn’t even know the purpose of this equipment that was on the side of my home. The heating and air conditioner specialist explained that in order for the air conditioner to work effectively the condenser should be free of dirt, debris and unblocked by yard furniture.  He said simply use your water hose to spray the outside of the unit to prevent dirt from accumulating and clogging the air condenser unit. I left the class grateful for the knowledge of how to service my a/c and happy for the 10% discount.

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Potential HVAC service

Once again I found myself relocating because of my husband’s job.  It was good for us financially and he was finally getting the promotion that he had worked so hard for.  My husband started working for this company when he was in highschool 15 years ago. He was part-time when he first began and continued to advance within the company.  With this last promotion it required that we relocated for him to managed the regional office. I didn’t mind that we were moving, but I know that it would require a lot of research to find reliable services for my family and home once again.  This particular move was taking us to a colder climate so finding a reliable and quality heating and air conditioner company was the top priority on my list. I looked online and found a list of criteria to evaluate my potential heating and air conditioner servicer by.  The HVAC that I choose should be a top dealer as well as have been in business awhile. A reputable heating and air conditioner company would also have adequate staff to handle regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance and emergencies. It would not be worth doing business with a HVAC company that could not come within a day or two of my call due to lack of employees.  A well trained staff was definitely a top priority for me. I wanted the staff to be licensed and professionally trained. This would prevent my HVAC system from being serviced incorrectly and would save me the hassle of having to call the HVAC company repeatedly to have my heating and air conditioner serviced.

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Mystery visitor tore apart my compressor

Some people have pets that bring strange gifts to their front door. Cats bring dead birds, dogs bring old tennis balls, and friends leave their lighters, phone chargers and other random accessories. It’s rare that anything left behind by visitors is worthwhile, but rare doesn’t mean never. Such a circumstance came to me when I was living out in the southwest area of the country, in the hot arid desert. I had a big back porch with a screen door outside, and my real door inside. When I first moved to the area, I was warned by neighbors that the wildlife can prowl at night, so I’d better keep any valuables – living or not – inside the house. Not wanting to seem like the arrogant know-it-all outsider, I agreed, and brought most of my things in at night. One night though, I remember hearing what sounded like a car crashing just outside my house! I jumped up, running to my front door to look outside, but there was nothing – no cars, no people, no wildlife that I could see. After being up for a moment, I felt I must’ve dreamt the sound. I quickly learned that wasn’t the case when the morning came, because I woke up to an incredibly warm household. I went to check the thermostat, and found that there was no input showing up on the gadget’s face. Slowly I put it together in my head, as I walked around to where the compressor for the central air system was located. That’s when I saw the electric cables frayed and torn up! Apparently, a wild animal must’ve bit into the cables, shocked themselves and threw themselves against the compressor out of shock and surprise. I wish I could’ve seen that happen – it might’ve been worth the headache of getting these cables replaced!

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Radon removal

I’ve worked really hard to afford a summer home down south.  Perhaps, for college graduates in fields like business or finance, it’s not as hard to earn a seven-figure salary.  I own a handful of shoe stores. My wife, Tabitha and I started out with a single shop in our hometown twenty years ago.  We make the shoes ourselves, and it was a struggle to build up our clientele. We managed to build up our business through internet sales.  For Tabitha and I it has definitely been a labor of love. Tabitha and I can finally afford a little summer season home down south. She and I are so happy escape the cold and endless snow of the Winters that plague us up north. Tabitha and I are fortunate to be able to work from anywhere, and we shouldn’t ever complain about the little problems that come with owning two homes.  Our most recent annoyance, however, was radon gas. The ground on which out summer season home is built upon can sometimes shift. There are never any worrisome earthquakes, but sometimes we feel slight tremors beneath our feet. One of these tremors caused a flaw in the foundation of our summer home. We knew the area was prone to radon gas but we’d never had a concern with it. However, when we arrived at the end of the fall, the radon gas detector in the basement was beeping.  Tabitha immediately contacted a licensed radon company. They sent a technician who tested and found high concentrations of radon. He provided the equipment to combat the concentration of radon. He repeated the testing and the house is now free of radon.

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A new crack in the building

I grew up in a large farmhouse out in the middle of grape vineyards. I had a wonderful childhood that was filled with wide open spaces.  I had all sorts of adventures on my bicycle and four-wheeler, and even tractors. There was a lot of hard work while I was growing up as well, and  by the time I finished my senior year in high university, I was ready to move away. Such a small town offered very limited opportunities. I was unwilling to run a farm for my entire life.  My goal was to complete college and end up doing something in the medical field. Now, nearly 25 years later, I have my own medical practice. I specialize in spinal surgery and enjoy many benefits, including a fantastic salary.  When I learned that my parents planned to sell the family farm because they couldn’t afford the upkeep anymore, I decided to step in and help out. Mom and dad were getting older and unable to handle all the day-to-day requirements involved in running the farm.  I bought the place outright from them but they continue to live there. When I walked through the house on a visit, I realized that things had gotten quite neglected. The house needed a ton of work. found issues with leaking radon gas. Radon gas is certainly dangerous and has been linked to lung cancer. I have no idea  how long the radon gas had been concentrated in the house. I had it taken care of with venting and a high-powered fan. I also had a radon gas detector placed in the basement. Now I can be sure that me parents are safe.

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Don’t get in the way of my goals

It never dawned on me that my home thermostat would use batteries; I just thought that it was wired directly into the electrical wiring like the light switches and outlets are. The thermostat sits on the wall, so that was logical to me. One time when the A/C wasn’t working, it never occurred to me that the thermostat might have gone out. I awoke early one Sunday to go running before we headed to church. The house was a little warmer than usual inside, but I didn’t think too much of it until later. When I got home from running, it was so humid in the house. I just figured that it was me being sweaty from my jog. I showered quickly to cool off and settled down for a short nap right after. An hour or so later, I got up feeling sick. It was incredibly warm inside and I knew instantly there was a problem with the A/C. The thermostat display was blank when I looked at it so I knew there must be an issue somewhere. I called the local HVAC repair service that happened to be open on a Sunday, explaining the issue the lady on the phone. She asked if I had ever replaced the batteries in the thermostat. She could tell by the tone of my voice that I hadn’t. I had to look all over the house for AA batteries to go in the thermostat, but after a few minutes I found a couple. She walked me through the process of changing the batteries, and that instantly fixed the issue. She was nice enough to save me an expensive and embarrassing service call. I know now that the thermostat uses batteries, so I won’t repeat that mistake.