Central A/C finally

My boss has been lying to us for three years. When I first started working here, the indoor air quality was extremely poor. During my interview, I even made a comment about he horrible humidity and lack of air conditioning. The interviewer told me they were going to be updating the entire central HVAC system the following quarter. That was three years ago, and we still have not had any repairs done to fix the horrible indoor air quality, My office is on the sixth floor, and the office is always warm and muggy. I have a small desk fan that runs 24-7, but it just blows the warm air around my desk. Last week, we got an office memo. The memo stated that our HVAC system was going to be updated starting next week. I wasn’t going to believe that, until I saw an HVAC technician on the floor. Sure enough, Monday morning our office was bustling with employees and a crew of HVAC technicians. On Tuesday, we were forced to move to a different floor, so our air ducting system could be repaired and replaced. I spent three days working in the mailroom, so our office air ducts could be cleaned and sanitized. Things were progressing rather quickly, even though the whole building appeared to be torn apart. My boss said we will be in the mailroom for another week. Hopefully, all of the improvements will be finished by that time. I have a meeting with some very important clients next month, and I‘m going to need my office.

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High rent for new HVAC and carpet

My girlfriend and I were getting ready to move out of the college dorms and into our own apartment,. We had been looking for weeks, but nothing seemed to be close to work or in our price range. We found some apartments right outside the city, with reasonable rental rates and a great deal of outdoor amenities. Even though we were further away from work than we wanted to be, we were getting a lot for our money. Both bedrooms were equipped with our own bathroom, and the apartment clubhouse was huge. The clubhouse had a swimming pool, two hot tubs, and a pool table. They had plenty of room to have parties at the clubhouse or at the pool. It seemed perfect, until we heard how much the rental rates would be. Their advertised prices were $750 for a one bedroom and $950 for a two bedroom. We looked at the two bedroom apartment, and were very pleased with the size and space. When we filled out the rental application, the rental price was listed at $1095/monthly. I asked why the price was different. We found out the rent was going to be higher, because that apartment had brand new carpeting and a brand HVAC unit. I didn’t mind paying a little extra for the new carpet, but I felt like the HVAC unit was part of the apartment package. Our apartment needed to have an HVAC unit, so why did we have to pay more for something brand new. It’s not as if we asked for a brand new HVAC unit for our apartment. They decided to split the difference and offer our rental rate at $1035/monthly.

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My friends were always always backing out of camping in the woods, till I sold them on the glamping idea. All four of us are nature lovers but honestly, we love our creature comforts much more than we do nature. Nobody enjoys using the bushes as an out-house, not being able to take a shower, or having to live without air conditioning. Glamping had all that covered.We booked two cabins, two of us to occupy each. Each cabin had a pair of twin beds, a full bathroom, TV, a hot plate and air conditioning. Just imagine waking up to the sound of birds singing, exploring the woods, bathing in the river and returning to your beautifully air condition cabin. Wow! We even got to speak to the guy in charge who further explained this awesome concept to us. Glamping, he said is glamorous camping, something which began hundreds of  years ago, when nobles and people of royal blood travelled from one place to another. Modern glamping, however, has much more to offer in terms of comfort, than was available at that time. HVAC and other climate control devices had not even been invented then. Talk about having the best of both worlds.On our last night of clamping, we ignored the hot plates and cooked outside. The only thing which could have spoilt that was rain and though it was in the forecast, it held out till our food was cooked and ready. We ate inside, as we listened to the rain pelting the roofs of our cabins. Even nature was cooperating to make it a wonderful trip.

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Like most fashion conscious persons, I always enjoy a great fashion show. If the prices are beyond my pocket, it still raises my spirits to watch beautiful, new styles. If you happen to have gained weight over time, thin models elegantly strutting their stuff, can at least remind you of your better days. If that thought is depressing you may be motivated to join a gym or go on a diet. One very comforting feature of recent fashion shows, is that they feature plus size models.

              Regardless of the size of the model, though, I don’t envy those who work in less than perfect temperatures. If your furnace is on the blink and you feel cold, you can always bundle up. But to a model displaying something thin and topless in a freezing auditorium, the thing she would appreciate most at that particular  point in time, is warm air from a working furnace in a properly tuned HVAC system. There is money in modeling, so why don’t the managers of these shows ensure that the venues they use have fine working HVAC units? From what I hear, the net earnings from one of these shows could easily pay for a new HVAC unit. I once saw a girl modeling a swimsuit in one of those cold auditoriums. She tried to conceal her shivering but she could well have used a heavy coat over that bikini!

              I hope their managers begin doing right by their models as far as providing good air quality is concerned. With HVAC systems becoming so common place, it is quite easy to indoor space equipped with fine furnaces and/or AC’s.

No more cold feet

When I was a child we would always go to my grandmother’s house for the holidays.  It was a wonderful time and I have many cherished memories from our visits. There were a few things that were different about our visits and one of them came to mind recently in a weird way.  I have always suffered from cold feet. Not the nervous kind, I actually have very cold feet. Sometimes they are so cold that they hurt. My grandmother used to warm up a cloth bag filled with rice on the radiator and then stick in at the bottom of my bed at night to keep my feet warm as I went to sleep.  This was the best feeling in the world. The reason I thought of this is because I just had radiant floors installed in my bathrooms and bedroom. In the winter it was downright torture to get out of bed in the morning and head in to take a shower. My bedroom and bathroom floors were so cold that it was shocking to step on them. Now, I don’t have that same dread when I wake up or when I step out of the shower. I have the floors programmed to come on an hour before I get up and I never have to worry.  I only wish I had contacted my HVAC dealer years ago to make this change. It was quite the process to have the installation done as they had to remove the old flooring, install he warming mats and then put down the new floors. The whole process took almost two weeks but I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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I’m Feeling Hot Inside My House

Feeling hot when you step inside your home?  You are not the only one. I can’t seem to keep my indoor air quality to my preferred climate control.  My air conditioner just doesn’t seem to make my home comfortable anymore. Actually, my HVAC hasn’t worked well for a couple of years now.  I remember the heater wasn’t keeping me warm last winter, either. Several rooms are always colder and very drafty in the winter. I had to go buy a couple of portable space heaters to compensate for the draftiness.  In fact, it is those same rooms that are always hot, even though I have lowered the thermostat, and closed all the blinds. I know my HVAC unit is very old. In fact, my heating and cooling unit is probably at the end of its’ life, now that I’ve lived in this house 23 years.  This same HVAC unit was already here. So I know my HVAC unit is probably 25 years old, unfortunately. Since that is the case, I’ll have to accept the inevitable and find a heating and cooling company that can provide me with a good deal. Thank goodness for credit cards and financing because that is the only way I’m getting a new air conditioning and heating system in this house.  I do realize, though that a new HVAC system will increase the value of my home, which certainly will help. So all I will need now is to find an HVAC company willing to make a deal, a good credit card, and some HVAC coupons!

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A New HVAC System for My Bride

Last year, I bought a repossessed house that is fairly young, but it had been on the market for a long time.  The house took a long time to sell because so many things in the house were missing. From all the kitchen appliances to the heating and cooling system, as well as many windows.  The bones of the house is almost all that was left behind, so I had quite a job of fixing it up. Since I didn’t have the money to buy everything at once, I am only now buying an HVAC system.  Prior to this summer, I didn’t even miss not having central heat. I simply purchased two space heaters, and moved them around the house as I needed them. However, I’ve been saving, and I now have the money for a central heating and air conditioner, as well as an air purification system for the house.  I’ve contacted several HVAC providers to acquire the quotes that I need to go forward. I would probably skip the heating and cooling system for another year, but I’ve recently become engaged and my fiance’ insists on having air conditioning. So to keep her happy, I’m moving forward on an HVAC installation in the next few weeks.   Having a new HVAC system installed into our first home together is the least that I can do for someone who is willing to marry me. I’m kidding, of course but she really is quite a catch and if a new heating and cooling system makes my soon-to-be bride happy, I’m happy!

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Giving up HVAC to be a house husband

My best friend teases me that my wife wears the pants in the family. I always correct him that we both wear pants, it’s just that she needs extra baggy pants to hold all the insane money she makes! I don’t feel ashamed about it at all, I think it is an outdated concept that the woman stays home with the kids while the man works. In our case my wife is better educated and has a much better job, so why shouldn’t I be the one to stay home? There is no shame in my game, as the kids like to say. I used to work as an HVAC technician for a local company. After we had a couple of kids though, I realized that almost my entire HVAC paycheck was going towards childcare. If I was just repairing air conditioners to pay for daycare, why not just skip the job and spend that time with the kids? These precious little ones won’t be little for very long, and I have the rest of my life to fool around with heating and cooling systems. If I ever get bored, I always have friends and family that could use an air duct washing, or a tune up for their furnace or A/C unit. As it stands, my time is much better spent with my son and daughter then with the other A/C repair techs. In just a few years I will try and get back into the HVAC game, but for now I am happy where I am.

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Females in HVAC work

I believe that women are the future, and only partially because I have four daughters. In a world that is increasingly technical and requires problem solving skills with specialized training, I think that females are set to thrive. For my part, i am preparing my daughters for success, not by pushing them in a certain direction but by pushing them to find their own direction. I don’t care if they want to be artists, lawyers, cops, teachers, or chefs I just want them find something they want to do and pursue it to the fullest. I want them become educated, but not necessarily at college, perhaps at trade school for HVAC repair or for plumbing. I was reading the other day that women are underrepresented in the HVAC industry, and lot of industry leaders were actively recruiting female HVAC technicians. In our day and age no one wants to look like they are excluding women, and yet the heating and cooling business tends to employ women only as receptionists. Women are just as capable of every aspect of the HVAC industry, from ductwork installation to industrial ventilation system repair. One day the industry will catch up with the rest of the world, and that is why I will encourage my daughters to consider a career in HVAC. Not everyone is cut out for college, and a good skill and trade like HVAC repair is something they can rely on for a dependable living wage for the rest of their lives. If you have daughters, you should look into potential HVAC training courses.

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Don’t be intimidated by HVAC

Some men would not like staying at home while their wife went to work to support the household. I am not one of those men, because I love having a life of leisure. My wife makes really good money at the law firm, and she doesn’t care if I work or not, so I like to spend my time painting and writing and taking care of the house. Our system works for us, so it doesn’t even bother me when other men tease me for being a house husband. All the free time around the house had made me a troubleshooting wizard when it comes to plumbing problems and A/C trouble. There is really no reason to be intimidated by your HVAC system, people, it is just a machine like anything else. Since I started working on our air conditioner, I think I have saved us a few hundred bucks at least. Simple cleaning tricks, from changing out the air filters to cleaning the ductwork, saves a lot of stress on your central cooling unit. When your air conditioning doesn’t have to work extra hard, it runs less frequently which saves you money on monthly energy costs as well as overall wear and tear. I can’t claim to be an HVAC expert, of course, but the few things I have learned have really helped us out a lot. If you have extra time, watch a few heating and cooling repair videos online, and the next time you have AC problems maybe you won’t have to call out a repair technician.