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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing an HVAC unit… the size does not matter.  Again, size does matter! When you are in the process of choosing your HVAC system, you must always take the size of the building you are putting it into, into consideration.  If you don’t, this could have you in a bind honestly quick. Reason being, when you don’t take the size of the building or home you will be cooling into consideration, your new HVAC component may not be strong enough & will wear out within a few months.  For example, say you buy an a/c component big enough to remain comfortable at 75°F inside when it’s 100°F outside. If it gets any hotter than that, your HVAC system will not at all be able to keep up! It won’t matter how low you set the cooling control unit on the thermostat. Then you realize it’s running consistently, trying to keep up with cooling your house. I can’t imagine what your electric bill may turn out to be. This turns into lots of money out of your pocket. You then guess instantly something is wrong.  So you call your local HVAC or a/c component repair professional who then comes out on an HVAC repair call, which is again, more money out of your pocket. Then they turn to you & say that your component is too small to fully cool down your house. So that means again, your cooling system, no matter how low you turn down your control unit, will not be able to cool your house the way it should. Make sure when you go to purchase your next air conditioning unit, you make note of how big of an HVAC component you need in the home.

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When I was a young girl, we had a window air conditioning system in the wall, which I had never seen anything so big.  And my little girl mind just couldn’t understand how it was still hanging in the window! This was the only air conditioning system we had in the whole house.  Of course, it was in the family room. So you could imagine the heat the rest of the home must have felt in the dead of warm season. We all around here would pull out the fans every night then put them in front of our doors to draw in the cooler air, in turn, cooling down our rooms.  I couldn’t imagine what someone would think if they walked into our house in the middle of the night. The noise must’ve been so loud. We then realized that it wasn’t cooling down in the family room as it normally should be. We noticed that the air conditioning system was not blowing out cool air.  We went to the telephone book to find an air conditioning system service business that could come out to repair it. When they came to look at the air conditioning system they pulled out the filter, that we didn’t even know this existed, plus it looked black. Upon further inspection of it, he noticed the air conditioning system needed a unbelievable tune-up plus more refrigerant inside.  This was why it wasn’t blowing frosty cool air. It took a couple of hours or so for the air conditioning system repairman to finish. But when he did, it felt again like a cool heaven in the house. I remember having a great night’s sleep.

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Church a/c is horrible

They were definitely having some complications at our mosque this morning with our heating plus a/c. I don’t know what’s going on, however from the time I stepped in the doors this morning, I was frigid! The weather outside has been cooling off over the past few mornings, plus the temperature outside this week was definitely cold. I don’t think if the service crew at the mosque ever adjusted the zone control heating plus a/c plan at the church or not. Not only was it frigid in the main area, however my kids said that it was frigid in the kids’ youth group as well! My oldest child said that the air coming through the air vents in her youth classroom felt like it was really air from the a/c, instead of from the oil furnace like it should have been! She said that all of the kids wanted to wear their big parkas while in class this week, which usually doesn’t happen. I think that the janitor plus the repair team at the mosque were working on the heating plan all while in the church service, even though I don’t think that they ever got the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan squared away. By the time the service was over a little over an hour later, the interior of the building still felt just like the a/c was running. Normally, I’m sizzling natured plus I don’t mind when it’s frigid inside a building, however this week it was just a little bit too frigid for my liking! I hope they repair the oil furnace for next week!

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It may be over for the air conditioner

We all seem to degrade physically as we age. Maybe that’s just part of the fun that comes with each year passing by, but I have gotten only more dainty and delicate with age. My coworkers may be puffing up with the passage of time as is so common, but I am quite the opposite! I keep losing a few pounds each year, and my skin is starting to show the effects of losing more and more body fat. My friends and coworkers like to throw light-hearted jabs at me, saying I’m slowly becoming ethereal with each passing day. Hey, I’d rather that be the case than feel my arteries constrict and harden each year! Part of the reason I feel so weak these days is due to my very thin blood, and my reliance on climate control systems in my house. I’m just conditioned to rely on it more than anything else now! When it gets hot, I feel it quickly, and run my air conditioner until it’s too cold in my home. At that point, I start running my heater. The AC or the heat is always running, and it never ends – one switches to the other, back and forth, with no rest in between! My Heating and A/C system is never off, nor does it get time to shut down and rest. The exception for that would be when I will be gone from home for longer than a few days though, as I can tough out being without heating or air conditioning for an hour or so when I return home. I know more than anything, I rely on the HVAC system because I just refuse to take medicine that adds iron to my blood, thickening it and allowing me to keep warm or cool with ease. I hate taking medications in general, so I see the extra costs from running the heating and air conditioning systems all day and night as a small price to pay.

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HVAC vents by the bed

I easily just wanted to sleep longer the other day when I woke up to my alarm, Of course I had to get ready for my job so I hopped out of bed, and i went to take my shower plus made a fast breakfast  with a nice cup of hot coffee. I made my way to the office plus when I got there I was terribly disappointed! Honestly, I should have stayed in bed. I came to find that the building was incredibly boiling. I acquired quickly that the oil furnace was on the fritz. I don’t know what was going on however they couldn’t get the oil furnace to quit cranking out the heat. Though they had a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist on the way, however who knew how long it would be till they would show up plus how fast the tech could service the oil furnace complication. The climate control device read that it was a whopping 85 degrees, which was terrible! There was no way I could do anything in those conditions so I told my boss that I had to be on my way. In this particular situation, she was exasperated however at the same time she could understand anybody not wanting to to be productive in such excruciating heat. Even with the windows opened, there was no cooling down that office! Not to mention it was too hot outside anyway, so opening the windows didn’t help very much. However it was better than keeping them shut with all that intense heat pumping out from the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C vents. I was cheerful when I got right back in my car, cranked up the cooling idea plus made my way back to bed.

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I’m living a blissful life

Maybe it was all the aging I’ve done in the past sixty years, but I have gotten only more withered in addition to delicate as life carries on. While most of my friends slowly put on weight and puffed up with the passage of time, I am quite the opposite and have lost a few more pounds each year! My skin getting a little more pale and thin, and now I pretty much always have to dress like it’s in the single digits to stay warm. My friends love to poke fun, saying I’m just being a dandy and can’t keep up with them. Part of the problem is also due to my extreme reliance on climate control systems – way more than what’s healthy! When it gets hot, I feel too hot, so I have to run my air conditioner endlessly. When it gets cold, I already feel like it is way too cold to go outside! Running my heater is a non-negotiable as soon as the fall comes. The truth is that the heat is typically running, and is never allowed to shut down or rest! Well, except for when I will be gone for the weekend. I know I rely on the temperature control a little too much, and I just can’t help it – it’s just me at home these days, so I let it go as much as I want! The air is staying actually clean since the HVAC system is always on and circulating air, too. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all?

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Want my HVAC checked over well

My fiance plus I were actually fighting a lot when all of us bought our first home! The largest complication was that I didn’t have the HVAC idea checked. She couldn’t understand how I wouldn’t have the HVAC idea checked out, when all of us were spending so much money n this. Because of this, we got ripped off with the HVAC system, however at least the rest of the town home was nice. I couldn’t find any other complications other than the heating plus cooling idea being absolutely ancient. Both of us fought a lot, however at least I was able to cool down plus steer her towards the bright side of the situation. I was saying that all of us at least had the opportunity to select a new HVAC idea that we both enjoyed. This made her perk up a little. She said we should go immediately to choose a new HVAC system. When all of us were at the HVAC dealer, she seemed to prefer the radiant heater floors. I wasn’t quite sure if that was the best choice, however honestly, I was so sick of arguing with my fiance. If all of us were going to appreciate our new location together and still get married, I knew that the answer was to go with what she desired at that moment. So I agreed with her that radiant heater floors would be the best thing to get. I came to find after the replacement that I was absolutely pleased with the new radiant heater system. They were incredibly energy efficient so the new town home had seriously low bills with our HVAC system. She was thrilled, plus honestly, so was I. Both of us were able to get over the bumps in the road from purchasing a new town home together, plus I knew that in the future I would be more cautious about the steps of purchasing a property.

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This all works for me

I think all the years of taxing work under my belt have caught up with me, as I have gotten only more delicate with age. Most of my friends have slowly put on the pounds, puffing up and adding pounds with the passage of time. I am quite the opposite though, losing a few more pounds each year, and my skin getting a little more pale and veiny. I look like an underfed turkey before being tossed into the oven on Thanksgiving day! My friends love to give me grief, claiming I’m trying to emulate Gandhi. I zing them right back though, and ask if they’re trying to imitate their hero, Fat Albert! Anyway, part of the reason I feel so delicate these days is due to my excessive reliance on temperature control systems. I use them way more than is entirely healthy, and when it gets hot, I feel like it is seriously too hot! On goes the air conditioner for the next two weeks straight. Conversely, when it gets cold, I automatically feel like it is too cold, and then start running my heater until the house is always nearly 90 degrees inside. The truth is that the A/C or the heat is always running, one or the other! My Heating and A/C plan is never allowed to shut down for a breather, unless I will be gone for a week or so on a trip. I know more than anything that I rely on the air filters, if not more than I rely on the temperature control itself! Those air filters, of which there are at least three in my house being used in various spots, keep the air clean as long as it is circulating. Hot or cold air, the air stays clean either way. Superior air quality is the most important thing for a delicate old fart like me!


Forgot about the air filter

I swear it’s regularly the same thing when I decide to get our Heating as well as Air Conditioning program maintenance. Every time the Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional regularly comes over, checks things out plus lets myself, they can tell that I forgot to change the air filter. I don’t assume to know what it is about these air filters, although I have a bad habit of forgetting to change them! At least I call for our Heating as well as Air Conditioning program maintenance at least once per year, sometimes even twice, however most of the time I forget to change those air filters! So the air filters usually end up being incredibly obstructed up or dirty. I’m sure it causes the household energy bills to go up dramatically. However fortunately, I haven’t experienced any dire Heating as well as Air Conditioning program malfunctions or failures. I don’t assume why I keep doing that, however it seems as though I keep dodging bullets. Honestly, it’s actually because I regularly get our Heating as well as Air Conditioning tune-ups done regularly. This has to be the reason why the HVAC program has not failed on me. I don’t understand why for the life of me, I can’t remember to do something so self-explanatory as to switch out an air filter. It would actually help if I had a lady to remind myself, however I’ve been all alone for quite some time. Yet even if just my mother called to remind me to change the air filter, that would be nice. I remember the last time I had our Heating as well as Air Conditioning tune-up, the professional said that was the same air filter she installed the previous tune-up 6 months prior. I genuinely need to do something about this problem!

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A climate control system that works

Maybe it was all the years of strenuous partying under my belt, for I am not sure. I have gotten only more wispy and delicate with age though, and most of my peers slowly put on weight, puffing up with the passage of time as common as that is. I am quite the opposite, and I’m losing a few more pounds each year! My skin is getting a little more pale and wrinkled too, with friends ragging on me often for turning into a goth. That may be, but it beats turning into pot-bellied pigs! Part of the reason I feel like I’m growing more delicate is because I rely on temperature control systems way more than what would be deemed healthy. When it gets hot, I feel it is too hot, and have to run our air conditioner all the time! When it gets cold, I automatically feel it’s too cold, and then the heater is ran non-stop. The truth is that the A/C or the heating systems are constantly running, one or the other! My HVAC system hasn’t shut down or rested in what feels like years now, aside from when I will be gone for longer than a few days on a trip out of town! I guess more than anything I just rely on the air filters, even more than I rely on the temperature control itself. Those air filters, of which there are 3, keep the air clean, so as long as it is circulating, sizzling air or cold, the air is staying pristine for my respiratory health. Superior air quality is certainly the most crucial thing for a delicate soul like me!

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