A loose fan blade

I believe it’s kind of funny how things can alter so suddenly. You can go to operate and come home and this stuff has happened without you. Things break and things change and you are not even aware until you get home. Recently I got home from work and heard an exceedingly weird noise in my your home. I actually thought someone was inside my home. I had checked the complete house and so nothing. I had to follow the noise. When I filed the sound I noticed it was from the HVAC unit outside. I know nothing much about HVAC units thus had to call the HVAC company near to my house. I made an appointment so that they can come to my house to evaluate the HVAC unit. When they open the HVAC unit they saw that there seems to be a missing fan blade. The missing fan blade will need to have come loose from the content spinner and was banging on other parts within the HVAC system. So the loose fan blade was making all of the Noise Within the HVAC machine. What’s the fan blade fell off the noises had stopped. Luckily I had called my HVAC company to come view it for me because it isn’t easy fix. If I had tried to fix it by myself I probably would have destroyed it more. I am lucky that I’ve got such nice HVAC professionals that are willing to come to my house and additionally help me fix my system. The fan blade should don’t be an issue.

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