A/C problems back at our drive-in

I remember when I was a child and my parents took us to the drive in.  Most younger people don’t even know what this is, but, I saw the first Star Wars at a drive in, and ever since then I’ve loved those places. Of course, most drive ins went the way of the dinosaurs by the time I was a teenager, right as I was beginning my dating years! I never knew how I missed those theaters until last year when one opened up right here in town. I am grown with kids of my own and I was excited to share the experience with them. Our first trip was a disaster, though, because it was very hot and humid. The air conditioning in our had vehicle died so sitting in a vehicle with three kids complaining was downright miserable. We had the windows rolled up to hear the speakers and only made it through the first feature. The other reason I couldn’t roll the windows down  was because the mosquitos were everywhere and we didn’t want to get bit. I walked over to the concession stand, which was a small building near the back, and was happy to find the inside of it nicely cooled with an HVAC system. I stayed there for a few minutes, soaking up the cool air and the smell of my favorite fried foods before returning to my kids. They were ready to go home, and asked if we could come back another night to see the second movies. The next week I got the HVAC system in the car fixed and went back to finally have the wonderful family night at the movie.

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