Cooling issues inside the drive in

When I was a child I used to love to go to the drive in. For anyone unfamiliar with this type of theater, it is one where you take your own vehicle and hook the speaker up to the window and sit and watch the movie. Usually it is a double feature and doesn’t get over until after midnight. I saw the first Star Wars at a drive in, and ever since then I’ve loved those places. Of course, drive-ins are far and few between nowadays which is disappointing to me. I remember when I first started dating my wife they closed the last of the drive-in theaters near us and I was very disappointed. It’s been over 15 years and our town just decided to open up a new drive-in theater and I’m so excited, I can now take my kids to the show and have them experience the same thing I did as a kid.  When the  they finally arrived for us to go see our first double feature I was just appointed when my HVAC system went on my car. The weather forecast for calling for around 80° that night and I knew that we would be hot and miserable in the car. The kids wanted to go anyway so we decided to make the best of it but after the first feature was over we realized quickly that we wouldn’t last through the next one. Hot summer nights in the south can be miserable enough with the heat but combined with the bugs that fly around it’s just not something most people enjoy.  I made an appointment for the following week to have my car repaired and we plan to go again in a couple of weeks when there’s a new Disney double feature coming out.  I hope that that time will give the kids the same wonderful experience that I had growing up and if they will continue to go to the drive-in as they get older. It really is a fun way to see a movie and you can even go in your pajamas if you want to.