DMV air conditioner plan

Nobody ever wants to deal with the aggravation of going to the DMV for any kind of reason. It takes a really long time to be waited on, regardless of why you’re there. Also, everything is super costly, from renewing registration, handing in plates and updating a driver’s licenses. On top of the major expense, they add an extra fee for no apparent reason. My birthday falls in the beginning of July, so that is when I always need to renew my registration. Normally, I am reluctant to head out into the heat and humidity to make this horrible trip. I live in the South, where it is especially hot and muggy in early July. This  past July, I was dealing with an A/C malfunction when I needed to have my registration renewed. Since it was the peak of air conditioner repair season and the hottest time of the year, it was three days before I could get an HVAC appointment. I had to go without air conditioning until the HVAC contractor could come out to my house to service the system. It was a really hot day when I made the trip to the DMV, so I was actually looking forward to it! For all the aggravation involved with the DMV office, at the least they offer excellent air conditioning. The place was so nice and cool. It was a relief to walk inside the DMV and feel that rush of chilly air. For once in my life, standing around at the DMV was not a problem.  I was in no hurry because of the air conditioning. I was reluctant to return to my hot and sticky house!