Getting duct sealing down

I thought that I had done everything that I possibly could to ensure that our air conditioner plan was running as powerfully and efficiently as possible. The unit had recently been maintenanced, the air filter was fresh and current oh, the ducts were all cleaned, The temperature control was in unquestionably working order, and all mechanical parts were functioning properly. Still, on the warmest and muggiest summer time nights oh, our air conditioner plan did not seem to be cutting it. That is when our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman recommended that the problem may not lie with the weather conditions control system, but with the beach house itself… He told me over the PC that he happened to notice while in his last visit that there did not seem to be satisfactory insulation in our attic and the windows on our old beach house we’re more than likely letting in a good deal of heat. He recommended that I do what I could to weatherstrip the windows and doors and insulate the attic more effectively. I had not considered the importance of this. I got to job as soon as I could fixing these complications; As I weatherstrip to the doors and windows, I indeed found a good deal of cracks and slits that were clearly letting out chilly air from the undefined and letting it sizzling air from the outside. I also added more insulation to the attic. These seemed like small things however I must say that it turn down to job for me. I distinctly observed a far cooler beach house  when I set the temperature control to the same exact uneven temperatures as I had before I weather stripped and insulated the beach house further.