Happy to leave the heater on

Temperatures are reaching all-time lows all around the country this winter. It has gotten so disappointing that I have even diagnosed the weather in Antarctica to find that it is honestly considerably warmer in certain arenas compared to our country! Granted, it’s summer time for the southern hemisphere, however that’s still Antarctica for goodness sake. This extreme polar weather does not show signs of leaving just yet, which makes me glad that I live in a subtropical region of the country. Sure, even our weather has been uncharacteristically freezing for this time of year, however nothing love the 40 as well as 50 below zero temperatures that some people are dealing with up north as well as out west. That is truthfully the kind of weather that I cannot even begin to imagine. The furnaces that they rely on up there must be extremely robust as well as powerful to cope with such temperatures. How else could they possibly get through such chilly afternoons? I think disappointing both for the families that end up having their gas furnaces cutting down as well as the Heating as well as A/C workers that are faithful enough to journey into the freezing to help such families. It must be honestly difficult, then just last night around here, the thermometer dipped as low as 29 degrees, which is cold, however the sub-zero temperatures around the rest of the country actually put things into perspective. Besides, my gas furnace kept me nice as well as toasty anyway! If I thought about skipping bi-weekly gas furnace maintenance before this winter, I actually never will again. You never know when temperatures are going to drop as low as they have lately, after all.

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