Her broken thermostat device

I was able to hear our neighbor and her wifey fighting last week.  You are particularly thinking that the walls must be super thin, but in reality it is just that they are super loud.  I could hear the crash as something hit the wall, right behind our head. The object hit pretty hard, because I could feel the reverberation of the wall.  I called our neighbor about several sixths later, after I heard the door slam. I wanted to make sure she was okay. She was still irritated, however she talked nicely to me.  She asked me to come over since her wifey wasn’t there. I put on our robe, and I headed over. She was entirely sad, and I could see where the object had made impact. It wasn’t just the other side of our living room wall, but it had broken her control unit.  She was sad about what the landlord was going to do when she called him to have the control equipment fixed. I told her that it would be easy to substitute the control equipment and maybe every one of us could do it by ourselves. Then I looked a little closer, at the wall.  Not only would the control equipment need fixed, however she would need the wall patched, where it had gone through. I was a bit iffy now, about our abilities. I told her she needed to ditch the wifey. As much as I was going to miss her, I wouldn’t miss her fighting with her wifey all of the time.  She told me the house was in her wifey’s name. I gave to help her pack and move out, however she said no. I started looking for a current house and I didn’t offer anymore help with the control unit

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