I had some problems when I at the drive in

I was really excited last fall when our town announced that they would be opening a drive-in movie. When I was a kid I used to adore to go to the drive in  with my family. I saw the first Star Wars at a drive in, and ever since then I’ve loved those places. Now that I have kids of our own, I was excited to share the experience with them. I eagerly waited for the theater to open and the first weekend they were showing a film I packed the kids in the car and we had it off. I only told them we were going to the movies so when we pulled into the large empty lot they were a little confused. The only movies they have ever experienced are those at the mall where they sit in an air-conditioned room in recliner chairs and watch the show. The grand opening of the theater was held in late spring so the weather was already very warm. As we were sitting there the air conditioner in the car started to put off a foul smell and I knew there was a problem. The HVAC system in my car broke down so we had to sit in the car with the windows rolled up sweating through the first feature. We probably could have sat outside and still heard the speakers fine if it weren’t for the fact that there were mosquitoes everywhere.  When the first feature ended,  I walked over to the concession stand. I stayed there for a few minutes, soaking up the cool air and the smell of deep fried corn dogs, before returning to  the vehicle. My family quickly told me when I returned that they were ready to go home but asked if we could come back another night after I got the air conditioner fixed in the car. I’m glad to see enjoyed the experience enough to want to come back and look forward to many years at the drive-in with my family.

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