I want to have a good time here

Going to the movies can be challenging when you have children.  I can’t remember the last time I sat through an entire movie without having to take someone to the bathroom or to the concession stand or give them a jacket because they were cold. Movie theaters always seem to have the air conditioning turned on high so I tried to be prepared when we go there. For these reasons when our town announced that they would be opening an old-fashioned drive-in theater I was very excited. I knew right away that I wanted to take my kids to see the show there. When I was a child, I saw the first Star Wars at a drive in, and ever since then I’ve loved those types of venues.  Our first trip was a disaster, though, because it was hot and humid and the air conditioner in my car died. Sitting in a car with 3 kids, rolled up windows, and no a/c is pretty much torture.  I walked over to the concession stand and was excited to find the inside of it nicely cooled by the HVAC system. I stayed there for a few minutes, soaking up the central air and the smell of deep fried foods before returning to my kids. They were ready to go home but ask if we can come back another time when the car’s HVAC system was working. I made an appointment to get it fixed and we plan on going back when they have another kids double feature. They are excited because they love the fact that they can wear their pajamas to the show and that was one of my favorite parts as a kid too.

A/C filter