Our hotel has poor air conditioning

While I was travelling last month, I had decided to stop off and get some rest for the night. I ended up stopping in this small little town in the middle of nowhere, there was this small motel that was cheap, so I took checked in there; When I got into the room is was really muggy and yucky in there, and the air conditioner was not even on, however so I went to the control unit on the wall to turned it on. When I turned on the air conditioner through the control unit on the wall, all this dust and dirt flew out of the air vents into the air! It was the nastiest thing I ever seen! How can a so called motel have an air conditioner system or even a heating system that is so filthy that it blows out dirt and dust! It is like the air filter either did not exist or has not been changed in over five years! I called down to the front desk and told them what just had happened when I went to the control unit on the wall and turned on the air conditioner. The desk guy did not seem to care one bit, so I got so mad that I took my bags, got out of that place and demanded a refund because of the unhealthy conditions the place was in, but air conditioning is so very important during the summer time time months, and it is even more important to have the air conditioner vents cleaned and air filters changed absolutely often. Unlike this cheap motel in the middle of nowhere!

indoor air conditions

Energy bills in the house

My son recently became a first time homeowner.  My wife and I were very proud of him. Being a HVAC technician, you can imagine how upset I was when he told me that he wasn’t getting good heating out of his HVAC system.  My wife immediately decided that it was time to make a trip and visit our son, and tell him we were there to see the new house. I asked him what was wrong with the HVAC system. He told me that it just didn’t have any airflow.  I asked him if he had changed the air filters lately. He looked a bit guilty, but he said he had only been in the house for about two months. He didn’t think the air filters would be that dirty yet. I told him that the air filter may not look dirty, but there is a lot of dust and dirt in the air.  If the air filter were to become clogged, it could cause damage to his heating and air conditioning system. When there is little to no airflow, the air quality is damaged and the life of the equipment can be shortened. I asked him how his energy bills had been. I know that I had showed him how energy bills can be a sign of a problem with the heating and air conditioning.  I told him he needed to call the HVAC company and make an appointment to have the HVAC system thoroughly cleaned. I thought it was something that should have been done before he took possession of the house. When the HVAC technician showed up, he told me that he asked for a maintenance and repair plan, and he wanted them to call and remind him when it was time for the inspections.

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HVAC filters

During his second year of college, my son wanted to be able to get his own apartment.  I thought it was a good idea for him to learn independence, but I worried about him. I had been to college and gone through the same learning process.  I just hoped that he would have the sense to call and ask for help if he needed it. He told me he had a job at one of the local fast food stores. He kept telling us that he was doing fine, but he wasn’t very convincing.  His dad and I decided to pay an impromptu visit to him. My husband knew that he had been neglecting changing the air filter. The air quality was absolutely rank and it was all I could do not to start sneezing and coughing.  He was surprised to see us and said he would have cleaned if he had known. His dad asked him if he had changed the air filters lately. I know it was an odd way to greet someone, but he was a HVAC tech. My son tried to backpeddle and he said he had looked at it and it looked fine.  My husband asked where the air filters were and he would change the air filters. My son knew he had been caught. He told us that he couldn’t afford to buy the new air filters. I told him he had to start paying more attention to his studies and let us worry about what he couldn’t afford.  Taking care of the heating and air conditioning was important for his health.

HEPA filter

The sales with air cooling

I don’t remember ever meeting my father.  I don’t even know if he was around when my mom had me.  I do know that she gave me his name, which unfortunately is a bit of a detriment.  My father was a travelling salesman and he did not have a very good reputation. I have also become a salesman, but I have a lot of ethics.  I sell HVAC equipment and I go to different fairs, showing the latest and greatest of furnaces and air conditioning equipment. I make sales quite often and it is a very lucrative business.  Sometimes, I run across someone who had done business with my father at one time or another. Right away, they equate me with him and assume that I do the same kind of shady business that he has done in the past.  I am really glad that I have never met the man because I may want to punch him in the nose. I no longer put my full name on the name tag and that lets people get to know me for my personality and the way I do business.  For those who have purchased the HVAC equipment that I offer, I get nothing but raves. It is only those that only see the name that tell others not to deal with me. I wish everyone would just take me for face value and the HVAC equipment I sell.  I don’t want to tell them I don’t know who my father is, but they sometimes leave me no choice.

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The air conditioner equipment

It still seems to amaze me how uncaring people are.  The other day, I was sitting on my porch, watching the kids play in the street.  They had a game of kickball going and usually one of the adults sits outside to make sure they are safe.  I am elderly and I don’t mind sitting out in the heat. Nowadays, it is about the only way I can stay warm.  I have a really nice neighbor and she works really hard. I knew that she had a new air conditioner being delivered, but I didn’t expect it to be put on her porch and left there.  She had been having difficulty with her air conditioner for quite some time now. I she had spent one entire check on having the AC repaired and she said that if it broke again, she was going to need to have it replaced.  I wasn’t surprised to see the HVAC van show up at her house. He walked up to the door and knocked and of course, no one answered. She was working like everyone does at that time of day. He knocked again and then proceeded to take the box up onto the porch and let it sit.  I walked over to see what had been delivered and I was surprised to see that it was an air conditioner. Did this man really think that she would be able to get this AC into the house? If she were able to get it into the house, I am pretty certain that she wouldn’t know how to hook it up.  It was an AC unit and not a window AC unit, either. I called the number that was on the side of the van.

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Air conditioner while on vacation

Growing up in the south brings certain responsibilities that are indigenous to the area.  For instance, no one is ever in a hurry. It is just too hot to be running around, and if someone is working outside, you will often see them walking slowly and sipping on water.  You can’t be afraid of bugs or lizards, if you live in the south. Some of our bugs get the size of a small mouse and they love coming into the house. If it ever snows, even just a coating, people don’t go to work.  It freezes them in their tracks and businesses will close. Southern people are also known to go to tropical places on vacation, during the summer. We don’t mind the heat as long as we know that we have air conditioning to return to.  Me, I like to find a tree to rest under, have a tall margarita in my hand, and a pool close by. Then I run into the hotel, sit under the air vent and allow the air conditioning to dry my body. My body temperature drops and I am so much cooler for the next couple of hours.  Give me my air conditioning and a fan, and I am a happy camper. Whether at home, or on vacation, air conditioning and a margarita is my way to pass the time on a hot day. If you don’t like the margarita, I make a mean glass of sweet tea. I’ll offer some sweet tea, a comfy chair, and the air conditioning, as we sit and chat.

The thermostat being all set up

It seems that every time there is a  change in the regime, things get turned topsy turvy.  Last week, our old boss was in the process of being promoted and they brought someone new boss in to take his place.  The old boss liked to have the office really warm. He was also very relaxed and he would sit back and just delegate all of the work to those of us who worked for him.  He was supposed to give the new guy a week of training to get him used to office procedure. Instead, they were warring with other over the heating and the amount of work they should do.  The first thing the new guy did, was to adjust the thermostat. He didn’t like it when the heating was running so much. He thought people weren’t as productive when they were so warm. Our thermostat is now set about ten degrees lower.  Personally, I like the cooler temps, and I do work better. I don’t get nearly as sleepy. I think that the new boss just doesn’t like the heat because he perspires too much. I watched our outgoing boss come over to up the thermostat, but the new guy gave him a stern look and he backed off.  We are all producing work better, now that the the thermostat is lower, and I also see that the new guy is working right along with us. Between the lower thermostat and a boss who is willing to work with us, maybe we will become one of the top producing departments, instead of being one of the worst.

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She now does all the thermostat care

I got home from work the other day and was surprised that my husband wasn’t home yet. Eventually I got a call from him saying he was at the hospital! Worried, I asked him what was going on and he said he wasn’t feeling well. He was complaining because he said it was absolutely freezing in the hospital! He said he kept asking them to adjust the temperature control but nobody would listen to his pleas. It was against policy to turn up the furnace in a hospital, which I knew about (I used to work as a registered nurse). I already knew it made sense because most hospitals try to prevent the spread of germs by keeping the site extremely cold and scrubbed clean of bacteria with the cooling system. I told him that he was going to have to ask them for a blanket or something, as they absolutely weren’t going to violate the policy by cranking up the heating system just for him! He said he couldn’t wait to get out of there, and wound up just getting prescription meds for his sickness before coming back home to rest. He was so thankful that he was able to come back to the comfort of our own home and heating system that he even went to the temperature control to crank up the heat a little more! Normally I contest that, but I felt like it was best to just let him have his way with the temperature control at that time. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable anyway, since he was feeling under the weather.

heating tune up

the house indoor air conditions

Some friends came over to my home the other day, cracking jokes and saying that my air quality was plain old exhausting to deal with. I needed to get it taken care of, apparently! They laughed and said that my Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan was demanding I switch out the air filter. I entirely said that my Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan had no power over me, and they then asked if I was sure about that! Well duh, of course I’m sure. If I didn’t get to that service, I would be suffering a lot more in my home with no heating or cooling! I gave in and realized they were right, as I desperate needed to get to my Heating, Ventilation and A/C service visit! I genuinely didn’t want to suffer with awful air quality, nor do I genuinely want to go on without a working heating and cooling system. I had a Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker come out to my place the other day, and take care of the service and repairs. I also bought a bunch of high quality air filters, just so that my air quality would be much better in turn! The Heating, Ventilation and A/C then told myself and others that I could improve my air quality considerably more. All I needed was an air purification plan installed! I liked the sound of that. Next time my friends came over, they would be blown away by the great air quality. They would absolutely not be expecting that!

air quality

Should have a smart thermostat option

Recently, I asked my fiance if he thought it would be good to replace our furnace – I wasn’t expecting his response. All of us were in the fall season after all, and I thought if all of us were going to get this done, now as the time. She said he thought it would be a solid idea! Not only that, but that all of us should definitely go for radiant floors. Talk about unexpected! He was telling me that he studied a little bit about this type of furnace, and they are incredibly energy efficient. He was also going on about how the heat radiates slowly up to the ceiling and warms up all the surfaces in the household. This was key to how the radiant heated floors save a good deal of energy and costs in heating. He also went on to say that a nice smart thermostat would be good for us as well! That would allow us to modify the temperature control settings via our smartphones, and then all of us wouldn’t even have to get up if we wanted to watch TV or enjoy a good movie without interruption. At that point, I asked him: “You’ve thought about this already haven’t you?” It was painfully obvious that he knew exactly what he wanted! What he was telling me sounded fantastic though. I didn’t even know what type of heating system to switch over to or what was even the best, but clearly he knew what was best!