Happy with our current HVAC

For a long time, my wife and I have been saving for green Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment. By green, I mean geothermal equipment because this is the best Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment for the environment! The reason for this is because these geothermal Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems don’t create any sort of pollution as there is no combustion involved in the slightest… It’s all natural energy that is pulled from the earth. You pretty much have a heat pump that connects below the surface of the earth. Because the earth actually has that natural heating and cooling energy, this system is able to tap into that natural heating and cooling and you can easily control the temperature of your property in this way. It’s such an incredible thing, though it is true that this system costs a fantastic deal of currency to have installed… We definitely feel it will absolutely be worth the investment though. There are even incentives on your taxes to invest in this particular kind of energy saving Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment. We are incredibly blissful about the whole thought of not polluting the environment with our Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment, and also saving a large amount of currency on our utility bills. It’s certainly a wonderful thing and we absolutely know that the currency we put into this new geothermal Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment will be worth it. I understand that these systems last a real long time, and it will absolutely pay for itself in time over the years. If you have the currency, you should genuinely get to thinking about investing in this type of Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment, you absolutely wouldn’t regret it! These most definitely are the Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems of the future.

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Glad the HVAC filter is good

Recently, my hubby was going mad when the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment died. I mean it could have been quite a bit worse, it could have happened in the Winter months. The people I was with and I were in the Springtime though and the temperature was not bad at all. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even think of a more convenient time for the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment to fail so I didn’t see what the massive fuss was about. He was saying that the people I was with and I should have used better air filters in the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, and it actually wouldn’t have broke down the way it did. He kept going on about how HEPA air filters are the best ones to use for the equipment, although he thought he might save some money with some cheaper air filters. I was thinking that the air filters didn’t have a whole lot to do with the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment actually failing, although he was absolutely sure of it. He was saying that the dust that flows through the cheap air filters could cause a great deal of damage to the inner actually workings of the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I supposed he might be right, however figured there were other vital factors in the equation as well. I’m sure the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment needed a proper tune-up and perhaps there were some worn parts as well. If that were the case, the breakdown of the equipment was actually inevitable. It was funny, as soon as the people I was with and I had our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment repaired and actually working back to normal, my hubby bought a big pack of HEPA air filters. He absolutely wanted to prove that HEPA air filters would make the HVAC equipment work a lot longer. From what I could tell, they just improved the air quality.

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Blog post on HVAC

There is a heating as well as cooling equipment magazine that I was just recently interviewed for. The magazine was hoping to interview my corporations because of the many food locations that I happen to own! Having 15 store locations demands a great deal with keeping track of our heating as well as cooling equipment. Making sure that each as well as every 15 heating as well as cooling systems are kept up as well as are serviced respectfully is a pretty sizable task. The heating as well as cooling equipment magazine questioned how we manage the service side of our heating as well as cooling equipment. I told them that all of us have an enjoyable staff in the office that keeps track as well as utilizes a log to write down what was done to each as well as every heating and cooling system when our contracted Heating as well as Air Conditioning service worker works on them. We also have a log that always lets us know when all of us should be reaching out to our contracted heating as well as cooling service worker to ask the worker if our equipment should be replaced or not. According to our heating as well as cooling equipment service worker he has told us that any unit that is over 12 years old should be replaced. He has also stated in the past that it is completely rare that any unit over 12 years old should not be replaced. If the equipment does not need to be replaced it’s probably because there has been really great service performed as well as the equipment has hardly ever broken down. He strongly suggests units over 12 years old be replaced because heating as well as cooling equipment technology advances a great deal every few years, making them extremely energy efficient. I would not be able to service as well as remain current with my heating as well as cooling equipment if it wasn’t for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning workers as well as my reliable office staff.

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Getting the HVAC service

As a franchisee owner of an unquestionably well-known company in the nation, I recognize that it is pressing to have a contract not only if you are leasing a building, however also with any big investments that you may have upgraded plus most importantly having a contract with a heating plus cooling company. We have a national contract with a superb Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider that comes out plus does regular maintenance. This Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment provider is well known plus the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C vendors take care of the locations where all of us allow them to look for better pricing on specified Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment. The reason for this is that these heating, ventilation plus cooling equipment vendors are the actual ones who absolutely purchase the heating plus cooling equipment. We never have a maintenance team that works on our heating cooling equipment, it’s all through our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contracts that all of us have in place. A majority of the time the maintenance on our heating plus ventilation plus cooling equipment is for cleanings plus routine checkups however just randomly all of us have had to install a mini split HVAC due to a newly designed building that all of us just had renovated. The reason why all of us made the decision to go with a mini split HVAC is because mini splits are really fantastic at adding that extra cooling plus heating power in a company plus they are really simple to install and control their use. One of the reasons why all of us liked the idea of installing the mini split HVAC is that there is no additional ductwork required plus no controls are required since the thermostat has a wireless remote control included. As a company owner it’s absolutely crucial that some form of contract is put in place with a reputable heating plus cooling equipment dealer.

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The loss of hair with the dog

The other day when I came back to my property, I was easily shocked to see a bunch of puppies in the property! There were puppy pads scattered all around and it was a little bit of a nightmare to see this. When I asked where all these puppies came from, my partner explained that these people were giving them away and she couldn’t resist but take the lot of them. She said the person absolutely loved the thought that they would be going to a great property and would not be separated from one another… There were 3 puppies, 3 pets in my property! While I had to admit, they were extremely cute pets, I didn’t want to have to deal with the mess they would make in the property… I also didn’t like the whole idea of having all these animals as they would absolutely destroy the air quality! There was no way our Heating plus A/C equipment could keep up with all this animal fur in the property! With this amount of pets, I would imagine that the air filter would clog up in a matter of days! It would be absolutely luxurious to have to change the air filters more often, and I would be incredibly worried that the ductwork would be filled with animal fur in a short amount of time. This would mean that the bunch of us would have to get our ductwork cleaned out on a regular basis as well. I absolutely had to put my foot down on this. I knew my children were totally becoming attached, however said that they could pick just a single dog to keep in the property! I felt I could absolutely deal with the one pet, however there’s no way I could handle 3 pets in my property!


Special kind of ac filter

When my family as well as I first moved into our new property, one of my buddies insisted on taking a look at the HVAC equipment. He was completely impressed with it, as was I. I knew this was a very energy efficient model as well as it absolutely had been tuned up recently before all of us bought the property. The HVAC equipment was pretty much ready to go with a fresh air filter. Well when all of us had our housewarming party, my good buddy who looked at the HVAC equipment with myself and others brought myself and others a big box of HEPA air filters. The air filter that was in the HVAC equipment was just some cheap air filter, nothing spectacular. I was unquestionably glad about receiving this thoughtful housewarming gift, as well as I realized why my thoughtful friend wanted to have a look at the HVAC equipment. He even checked the size of the HVAC equipment air filter! So I had the right size air filters, as well as honestly, I couldn’t wait to change the air filter. I was definitely aware that these HEPA air filters would drastically improve the air quality as well as be fantastic for the HVAC equipment! He couldn’t help but laugh as I dashed to change out the air filter. It didn’t matter to me in the slightest that the other air filter was essentially brand new, it wasn’t a HEPA air filter! I just kept the box of air filters right next to our HVAC equipment so I could switch them out at the right time. I believe the box said I could change the air filters once every 3 months. I actually felt that with the quality of these air filters, I could unquestionably make them last longer, however I didn’t want to put our HVAC equipment at risk.

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Want to break into HVAC

Trying to adjust to life as the boss has been a lot more difficult than I expected… I spent years working for the man, and so I thought I was ready to be the man myself, however it is not as easy as it appears to be. When I was working I had a job description, and a list of designated job tasks, and at the end of the week I would get my paycheck. Now I write the job descriptions, set the daily responsibilities for everyone on the crew, and write out the paychecks… Don’t get me wrong, I love it, however for all my years as an HVAC maintenance worker I entirely didn’t learn how to run a business. I can fix A/C equipment and heating systems as good as anyone, however that is now such a small part of the work I do! I spend most of my time stuck in the office, or on the telephone, and I entirely look forward to those rare chances I get to perform a/c equipment repairs just like the days of old. I also have to be concerned about if my men are doing the job as they are supposed to. That is where the hands on HVAC equipment experience totally helps me. I know first hand how long a lot of these AC equipment repair tasks should take, so I will know if they are padding the hours on the work. It’s a great thing that I know I have a pretty square crew of HVAC maintenance professionals here, and the group of us are all rowing the boat in the same direction… More HVAC work for the group of us means greater bonuses at the end of the year.

Think I might become a HVAC technician

Quitting school was truly the easiest decision I ever had to make, as well as I have never once regretted doing it! The current working world is where I belong. I believed that to be true when I was in university, as well as confirmed it as fact after I dropped out… Working super long hours in the hot sunshine on construction sites is not the easiest type of work, however that paycheck makes it all worth it for me. I entirely appreciate the task, as well as my boss, however to be totally honest I am feeling a little stifled as of late. I would like to transfer up in the dealer, stop doing the heavy lifting, as well as become a real heating as well as cooling service technician. At the moment my task title is HVAC equipment assistant, which means I carry tools, sweep floors, as well as occasionally hold ductwork into place so the service technician can secure it. This is goof work, as well as I feel at this point I have proven I am not a goof and that I am easily ready for real HVAC equipment work. My boss had to inform me that becoming an HVAC service technician was a great deal more complicated than all of that, because they required a certification. In order to get this HVAC equipment certification I would need to pass a specific test, which means going back to university for a period of time. It was just a night university class, where I would spend 3 nights every single week for 6 months in total studying the intricacies of cooling equipment as well as oil furnaces. Until I fully understood the basics of HVAC equipment repair I was to be trapped as a lowly assistant, so I guess it’s back to university for me.

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Indoor air quality at the office

For awhile now, I have been noticing high plus low air quality more than I ever used to! The last time I had a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment professional run a routine check-in on my heating plus cooling equipment, he informed myself and others that my air quality was really poor. He changed out the air filters, cleaned up the equipment, plus taught myself and others how to maintain higher air quality in our property. I observed a difference instantaneously, plus now I’m noticing it everywhere. However, this isn’t consistently a wonderful thing! Last week, I was at a task interview in a very tiny office with several interviewers crammed in. The oil furnace was rumbling in the background plus the air quality instantaneously began to irritate me. My throat grew extremely dry plus itchy, which is not ideal when you’re supposed to be talking plus answering questions for a long amount of time! I kept clearing my throat plus getting stuck on my words. I think the interviewer was under the impression that I was nervous, however in reality, I just don’t react well to awful air quality. This was rather awkward for me because I didn’t guess it was my place to talk about the air quality of their office, although I also knew I’d never survive working in such an environment! Finally, I ended up asking for a glass of water, which was definitely my saving grace in terms of completing the interview. I haven’t heard back yet, although I am thinking of suggesting they meet with my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment professional if they do offer me this task! I simply cannot get by in a dry environment like that. I think a humidifier would be marvelous in that arena! Needless to say, I was blissful to get out of that office plus breathe in fresh air.

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Taking care of the HVAC

I’ve been going through a serious rough patch lately. While I have a job I unquestionably enjoy as well as awesome people in my life, I am struggling to make ends meet financially. With all of my bills as well as extra expenses, I truly cannot afford to save any money… It feels as though I am consistently living paycheck to paycheck, as well as it’s starting to get unquestionably old… Up until this point in time, I have managed to stay afloat, but it hasn’t been entirely easy. That’s why it was the icing on the cake when my heating as well as cooling equipment stopped working on myself and others a few weeks back. Happily for me, it hasn’t been seriously frigid yet. The weather outside has hovered in the fifties for the most part! However, the chilly weather is coming real soon as well as I don’t want to be stuck without heat for the property… My complication is that I cannot afford the work that needs to be done to the oil furnace. I contacted a Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman for a consult, as well as even with all the discounts he managed to come up with, I am far from affording the services. I still have about 3 weeks before I need to worry about the ice-cold weather. I’ve set up a budget to ensure that I am able to set aside enough money to make the repairs when the time comes. I made sure to schedule the appointment with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor. He said he doesn’t commonly make appointments for repairs so far in advance because most people want to take care of them in a rush! Even though I would enjoy to have the luxury of doing that, I am definitely unable to pay for it right now. All I can do is keep working as much as I can to try to get out of this huge hole I’m in.

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