Wishing for AC equipment

Over the Summer I work on the ground’s crew for the town. What I do is go around doing lawn and garden upkeep. I mow the school football field and baseball diamond. I weedwack around the local church. I also take care of hanging baskets with flowers in town and trim hedges around the school. It is not a bad job, it’s just super hot. The job has you all day in the heat of the sun. There is no shaded area or indoor job with air conditioning. All of the equipment is not set up with AC too. The lawnmower is a basic push mower. The weedwacker is a handheld device. All of the equipment requires you to move and go around on your own. All of the work is outdoors too. I usually love being outside and in the sunshine. After a particularly long shift, I just want AC. It would be nice if there was at least one piece of equipment with a roof and air conditioner. All of the workers could take a turn with having temperature control. I know I would work harder and faster to get to that device. The cooling could even be used as an incentive. The best kept lawn or quickest employee gets a turn with the AC system. I feel you would see a lot more motivation in the staff. Right now we all move slowly and try to make each job take as long as possible. You just can’t stay motivated with no cooling relief. Too sweaty to even care.

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Servicing my air conditioner

My three-year-old always objected to leaving home to go anywhere at all. He would often cry, scream and try to scale the walls, to avoid leaving home. Until I enrolled him in a new daycare which recently opened on the next street, that is. It is an ideal little place, nicely decorated, with cool, clean air spilling from a brand new HVAC unit. For the first time in his short lifespan, my son appeared to be happy away from home.   

         I had just left him with his teacher in the daycare one morning, before stepping out into the hot, gritty air of the street outside. Compared to the air conditioning within, the difference was uncomfortable! I was therefore motivated to consider my own A/C system, and so called up my HVAC provider and scheduled a tune-up with a technician.The A/C man arrived two days after, and he did a comprehensive job on vents, ducts, filters and everything else.

          I was a slightly embarrassed when he told me that my A/C unit had been “hanging by a thread”, and would soon have ceased functioning altogether, had not the tune-up been done. How could we have, for so long, ignored the poor performance of the A/C?

           The improvement in the air quality was immediate. Now we have an A/C machine pouring out cool, beautiful oxygen, as it ought to. Then I began thinking that my little boy could have been enjoying the air quality from his daycare A/C, better than that in our house. I hope he won’t begin objecting to departing home, now that we have fine air again.

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Manufacturing a new HVAC system

A nice, comfortable porch is my favourite thing about any house. A porch which has a great view, preferably encircled by a well-manicured lawn, can be an agreeable diversion on an otherwise humdrum day. You can sit on the porch, call to neighbours as they pass, enjoy the available view, get close to nature, as well as eat and drink as you talk with friends. Added to that, a porch can be an ideal alternative to using HVAC when the time is hot. There needs to be a nice breeze blowing, however, to produce effective  cooling. When there is no wind, your one choice is to get the A/C going. Unfortunately, open areas like a porch are not suited to A/C.

          Last summer, temperatures in our town were between the 90 and 98 levels. That can be misery without the employment of a good HVAC system. With that in mind, we called up our local HVAC provider and set an appointment to have our A/C unit thoroughly checked out before the blazing heat came down on us. We have had our HVAC unit for ages but it still works very well with good and regular maintenance. The A/C technician worked for quite a while, checking coils, vents, filters, and and giving focus to everything else in need of it. When he left, our air conditioning equipment was functioning great, blowing out pure, clean air to keep us comfortable in the heat.

          In the end, we had an enjoyable summer, though the porch remained unused throughout most of it.. A/C manufacturers must try to create an HVAC unit which will work well  in partly open areas, such as a porch.

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Keeping my costs low

I am a seasoned cruise traveler. I have been on every type of cruise conceivable going on! I love these! My husband, however, despises them and instead  wants to travel with everyone. He suffers and bares through it sometimes as i think that’s what marriage is about, but more often he will elect to stay home alone while primarily, it is because he can’t take the tight quarters and being stuck on a ship for a week each time. He is a hot blooded man and prefers to use his own air conditioning on at all moments, but when you travel at specific places like cruises there isn’t a way to monitor heating and cooling because it is all programmed through the ship’s main thermostat which happens to be set through the captain’s area. Recently, however, I found a new visionary ship through Europe that had brand-new HVAC technology on board. They had figured out how to arrange Zone Control heating or cooling for ones rooms and still keep fees low. I still don’t know how they managed it, but it got my hubby on the ship with people to Europe! I found out they had done so many tests and surveys to comprehend while you think any such HVAC cooling and heating system would cost more, they found that you are never in your rooms but instead sleep just one or two hours. For the most part after you take a cruise you are at port sightseeing or around your ship being entertained. Most of the time people don’t even ask to apply them as well since they will be so new and never could actually do it before!

My furnace is fantastic

My parent are in their early 90’s right now and they have reached the age where they just don’t manage to care about anything anymore. Their days are so mundane stuffed with routine and boredom, not to say many of their friends previously died as well. I hate to talk about it, but they seem willing to just pass on from the usual life. Recently, whenever I called over around nine o’clock during the night time, they had already fallen sleeping! At first I didn’t think a lot of it, but as the weeks went of this happening I was a touch uneasy and decided to investigate for myself. It was always on this couch, while watching television and it also occurred to me that they utilized gas heating! They always had the heater on as pretty much all elderly do for their temperature ran so cold with a bunch of their medicines. I decided to put in place a Carbon Monoxide Detector to view if there were any leaks taking advantage of their house. Sure enough one night subsequent to plugging it in the thing went blaring off and virtually gave them a heart attack! The next day I sent the HVAC technician out to the house to test their gas heating system and additionally he found the leak automatically. Since he does this for his basic living, he noticed the air the second he walked into the house and said nowadays if this went on they really wouldn’t have been with us much longer. It was pretty much an ad for me why I never want gas heating for the house I live in!

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I want to set-up our air conditioner

It appears to me like every time I go and produce a cup of nice hot, black coffee for myself in the morning, my wife wakes up minutes later and turns on all of the ceiling fans. I understand what she is hoping to do (make the house more comfortable for everyone) but it is driving me absolutely mad and it has to stop. The air those fans blow around cools my coffee quicker than I often am able to read the first headline in the morning paper. Unfortunately, I do not like to criticize anything my wife actually does, so I have to figure out a different way to solve this challenge. Sure, chances are she wouldn’t mind leaving the kitchen fan completely off, but the HVAC system will be my discreet way of solving the challenge. We are just about due for the 20-year climate control system improvement. So my idea is we will simply pay a little extra with the intention that we can have HVAC zone control in this next setup. That way, every day, I can simply set the thermostat to omit our kitchen in its cooling process. I will simply say that the wonderful new climate control system made some of our fans obsolete, so I had the HVAC technicians remove the fans exclusively for a more sleek ceiling set up. Then she will just turn on the air conditioning in the days, instead of the fans, and the kitchen will remain unaffected. This easy climate control resolution for my quick-cooling coffee problem is going to make my life 30 times improved.

My heating unit is fantastic

Living on the beach front definitely has amazing bonuses, but the winters still do get amazingly chilly. In fact, my beautiful ocean view has a real challenging windy bite in the cold months of winter. My husband and I thought we would not even use our heating within the winter, and wow, was my partner and i wrong. The winters on the oceanfront are actually much colder than I ever would have even imagined. I still would not give up the view however. Just as the air conditioning is a vital lifesaver in the summer, the heater is often a vital and saving grace in the winter. I’ve come to enjoy my ocean view so much from the warmth of my bedroom, curled up while reading a nice book. In the summertime, my dog wins out with how frigid we keep the air conditioning, but in the winter season, I win out with the temperature that the heating unit is set to. When we had our heating unit installed, we decided to have two zones put into our dwelling, one zone downstairs, and another zone for the upstairs living area. In the cold of the winter months, this is pure joy for me personally, as I can keep the upstairs toastier for my level of comfort. It also allow the pup and my husband, who are downstairs quite a bit more often, to keep that area cooler on their behalf. One thing I can say with certainty is the temperature in my home is terribly important, and the air conditioning and heating are extremely imperative to your comfortable home. I may go so extreme as to say that it is imperative for the happiness of a  marriage, to have heating and cooling that both partners can be comfortable with. Now, whenever we are buying a new house, we both will go right to the HVAC unit and ask the realtor about the age and condition of the heating and cooling unit located in the home.


Can I fix this furnace

My son Vince had a parents night at his school. I was so excited to go and see my son’s class. I heard so much from him concerning his teacher and what he was doing in class. Vince led me to his classroom and showed me an animal project he had worked on for quite some time. I got to see his grass caterpillar that he made in science. Also I met his teacher and judged that she was quite a friendly lady. The only issue I had at parents night was how cold that it was. At first I assumed the building was wanting to save money and simply turned off the heater. When I mentioned this to Vince he said it was always this cold inside the classroom. I talked to his teacher and uncovered that the school does not heat their building all the time. The students arrive around eight. At nine the heating system will first start up. The school day ends around three, but the heater only stays on until two. The school shortens the hours to avoid wasting money. Also my son’s classroom turns out to be the furthest room away from this heater. So his classroom hardly gets to feel the heating system’s air coming in through the vents. I was angry when hearing this. My son is sitting in an unheated room all day in the Winter! I immediately made plans to consult the principal about these unpleasant heating conditions that my son has become subjected to. It is just wrong that the school does not run the heater when students are in the building.

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Something is wrong with my fan

I noticed a few days ago that my cooling system was not cooling my home properly. I was getting decent amount of air pressure, but the AC use to work much better. So I decided to take apart of air conditioner and clean it out.  I first started with removing the air filter. I cleaned in between the coil fins and removed most of the dust and grime. I also cleaned the cooling coil. It had a vast amount of mold on it and I removed it all. Following the coil  was the condensate pipe. The pipe contained so much mold that I had to remove.  I  lubricated the fan’s motor belt so that it could function better.  Lastly, I  dusted off the actual fan. The fan blades acquired loads of dirt. I was proud of my good work. My fan looked so much better after looking so horrible. I was so excited for the better air quality after the cleaning. While admiring my handywork, I noticed something was off. My fan blades looked bent and caught up at weird angles. I tried turning on the air conditioner and it rattled, shook and made a great deal of loud sounds. I quickly turned it off and realized the  fan blades bent while cleaning them. Bent fan blades can really wreck your system. So I had to hire a cooling professional to change the whole fan. It was super expensive plus it was all my fault.

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The north is rarely warm

It is wise for professionals to relocate for a new and exciting opportunity. As a newly certified teacher, you should not be too picky as to where you may work and willing to relocate for the job. While residing in the south, I grappled with discovering work in my field.  Due to this struggle, I branched out my job search across the nation. My grapple ending with me finding work in the north. I left the south excited for my new job and to live in a climate quite different than the south. I maintained high expectations for the new environment and braced myself for the changes, as I was leaving a southern city to a small northern town. Though I braced myself for the climate change and small town, the move still shocked my system. Almost everything was different there! There were no major malls or concert halls. There were only a few stop lights. The weather in the north differs greatly from the weather in the south. In the south, the weather rarely gets cold and I utilize my air conditioning all year long. On the occasional cold winter day, I may utilize my small space heater. The small space heater is the only home heating system I ever utilized. No home nor business utilized air conditioning in the tiny northern city. No store in the town sold air conditioning and there was no HVAC business in close commute.  The closest HVAC dealer I could find was over an hour away. I would have been the only person in town that  used AC and I soon discovered the reasoning.  It is almost never hot in the north after the fall time. Space heaters would be a waste of money, as a more robust heating system is need for the extreme cold the north faces. I am shocked and amazed on the cultural and temperature differences from the north and the south.

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