Powder room heater

My uncle used to have an A-frame house up in the mountains.  I remember watching he plus my dad build that house. They started from the ground up plus the walls beams were in venue, plus then they added the roof.  All of us prefer standing up on landing that led to the only home office in the house. I fantasized about living in that home someday, however it never came true.  They had this crucial fireplace as the focal point in the living room. The living room took up ninety percent of the downstairs, plus the rest was the living room. The fireplace heating the entire house, plus it was always pleasant inside.  They had a small air vent that went to the upstairs, to heat the home office. I marvelled at where they were going to put the powder room, plus my dad said it was outside. I knew all about outhouses, because my Grandmother had an outcome until I was about multiple years old.  I hated needing to go down into the backyard when it was dark, plus even more so when it was cold outside. I often wished they had put a gas furnace out there. I wished there was electricity plus then I could take an electric area gas furnace with me, plus more crucially, I could have light.  I had light if that is what you call a flashlight. I’m ecstatic both of us don’t need to use an outhome anymore. I entirely prefer knowing that there is heating in our indoor powder room, plus both of us never have to freeze again. Did I say that I would never use the outhome at the A-frame house.

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