The ductwork should be cleaned

Back when I was working for this major national parcel service, I used to see all kinds of weird things being shipped from our neighborhood to somewhere else, however it wasn’t unusual to find a box of live crickets, live ammunition, used cat litter, or even some kind of reptile in a box! Of course, some things are not permitted for being sent through the package shipping system. I think back now to those days when I’m at my new job where I handle purchasing for a local heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning repair provider. It’s a pretty good job, and I really like to hear all of the crazy tales that these Heating and Air Conditioning repair workers will share after their calls. One of my favorite stories always reminds me of the old days when I was in the package handling business, as this worker told me about how he had to perform a Heating and Air Conditioning air duct cleaning for this local resident. The guy said that he heard an unusual buzzing as well as humming sound coming from the air ducts, but he just thought that it was the sound of the a/c system still running. Once he stuck his cleaning brush far enough into the air ducts, however, he quickly found out the real source of the buzzing! To his surprise and horror, a swarm of bees flew out of the air ducts! They stung the worker and the customer a few times before flying out through an open window in the room. Our company advocates having your Heating and Air Conditioning system air ducts cleaned every 6 months or so at a minimum, but that particular worker made it clear that he wasn’t doing another job like an air duct cleaning for a long time!