The importance of quality HVAC work

My cousin gets a kick out of telling people he is a great home improvement expert. In reality he doesn’t really know much more than a standard trade worker. However, he is convinced that his small yet well-rounded amount of experience in plumbing and HVAC equipment qualifies him as an expert. With his “expertise” comes a rather unpleasantly big ego. He was convinced that I didn’t need to call my HVAC technician to install my ductless mini-split system. Since my home was a small two-bedroom with a large and central living room, I could use such a small system in the living room while having it influence the rest of the house properly. My cousin liked to cut corners in order to get some work done faster, and it resulted in a rather iffy installation of my new equipment. Once we connected the indoor cables to the outdoor system, my cousin figured it was time to test the mechanism out. He had actually messed up the wiring in the system, so when he got close enough to the indoor cables, he literally received the shock of his life. He actually jumped so high I thought he was an animation for a little bit. Once he electrocuted himself, I figured it was time to choose my HVAC technician over my cousin. When the HVAC tech arrived, he really got a kick out of hearing my cousin’s story. He explained that that was why techs were typically used for installations. It was rare that a professional got hurt while installing equipment.

HVAC set up