The same places at my old places

I’ve had a very poor history with air conditioning. It seems like every summer there are new challenges with my HVAC system. I often come back to my house after work and I’m afraid to even open the door. I am afraid that I will feel terrible heat from the inside of my home. I have come to the house from work on several occasions to no air conditioning working. Just recently, I came home and there seemed to be no air conditioning on in the house. In fact the air was running except that it was warm air. I would not like warm air to be running in my home in the summer season. So I was required to call my local HVAC company. I had no idea what was wrong with my HVAC system. It feels like every time the air conditioning stopped working, it’s a new issue to deal with. I absolutely don’t even bother with it anymore. I couldn’t even discover how to fix it. So I leave it to my local HVAC company to send an HVAC professional to look at my system. This most recent time, the refrigerant that makes the air cool was leaking right out of the tank. The tank must have been old so all the refrigerant was leaking from a crack in it. All the HVAC professional was required to do was replace the refrigerant tank. After this, he refilled the refrigerant container. After about half-an-hour I felt the air conditioning return on in my house. I wonder when these air conditioning issues will finally stop for me.

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