This is a great furnace

The video store chains were giving up, and closing all their stores, and I thought it would be nice to keep at least one video store open so those who really loved their VCR’s would have a good option.  I started haunting the stores as they began liquidating their inventory of videos.  I was able to get quite an extensive collection for a little bit of nothing.  There was a shop for rent, on our block, and I called it ‘Video on Go-Go’.  I loved being a business owner, even if it was extremely short lived.  I lasted through the winter, when my furnace decided it was time to quit running.  I had been really working the furnace because there were frequent snow storms and a lot of subfreezing temperatures.  When the HVAC ductwork cracked, the only place I was getting heat was in the bathroom, but nowhere else.  I would lose too much if I were to shut down now, but there was no way I fix the HVAC for at least a couple weeks.  I decided that I needed to try something different that would help get around the heating situation.  Let’s face it, no one was going to come into a building that was freezing.  I put out a new service plan where customers could call me and my workers, and we would, with the help of the car heater, deliver their movies to them.  It was crazy, but I was able to keep from losing my business.   It took a little less than two weeks and I was able to afford to get the furnace fixed.

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