Tons of a/c

I was never actually aware of how obsessed my family was with keeping the air conditioner on the highest setting possible growing up, until I moved out and lived with someone else. I had a weather conditions to the cooler hot and cold temperatures and just plain ended up feeling far more comfortable at a control component setting that most other people found to be too cold. I suppose you could call it being spoiled, because I could not rest the least bit of heat in the summer. I got so used to having an air conditioner running on high, however come to suppose of it, I vaguely remember when we had guests over, some of them politely asked if we could turn down the control component and my parents, periodically, did so begrudgingly. I did not suppose much of it back then, however now I suppose our temperature preferences were a bit strange compared to all the people. When my man moved in with me, we swiftly found ourselves in our first major argument. I had gotten so used to keeping things so cool in my house that I balked at having to turn up the temperature so high to accommodate her. As much as I like the cold, he seemed to like warmth to an extreme, he would love having the air conditioning running on a very low setting when it was, like 90 degrees outside! At first, I would try reasoning with her. I would genuinely try to wrap my head around how he could love things so warm, however eventually I realized it was no use. The people I was with and I were polar opposites when it came to our temperature preferences, that was for sure.

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