We need a better A/C unit

Amongst my biggest annoyances in this lifetime is when I’m just getting to sleep and then that awful whiny sound associated with the air conditioner starts up. I currently rental a very small home that utilizes a small window unit air conditioner to cool the home. It does OK with the cooling part, probably because I have such a tiny home, almost smaller than a studio, but unfortunately for me, it is as noisy as anything possibly can be. I recently asked the house manager, Mike if he could do anything to remove or lessen the noise that it always makes when it is on, but the maintenance technician he sent over was struggling to help at all. I think because the unit is older, the whining noise emanates from it whenever the A/C comes on. I have considered buying a portable air conditioner to use as opposed to the window unit keeping me up all night because I think it would be much more quiet and provide a better living environment for me. I certainly can’t even begin to estimate how many hours of sleep I’ve lost over the horrible whining sound coming from that window unit. I also have the option of buying a ductless mini split air conditioner. These are mounted right on the wall and they work as well as any other unit works.it seems that out of everything I’ve read about it, it seems they are also extremely quiet. I don’t want to spend the money to purchase one now, but I think that spending some money now would ultimately make me healthier and in my home for years. My lease runs for 6 more months but I don’t think I will last that long without a different sort of cooling system. The next occasion I have to sign a lease or especially before I purchase my own home, I will inspect the HVAC system thoroughly to ensure that it is not noisy and it is in good shape. I have come to realize that sleeplessness is something that I cannot deal with.

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